What are the symptoms of pregnancy girl!

In the first pregnancy may show some signs during his confirm whether a woman is pregnant in the female or not, before the date specified to determine the type of the fetus, as elected Mr need curiosity to know the sex of your baby, and during the following you will learn the symptoms of pregnancy girl in detail.

Symptoms of pregnancy conventional

Include the symptoms that belong to the first pregnancy on the following, it should be noted for being a little different from the symptoms of pregnancy word.


Is of brands confirmed and in the duration of pregnancy, due to increased rates of progesterone within the body of the case, resulting in a sense of permanent sleepy.

Miss a menstrual cycle

Is one of the symptoms that are similar to symptoms of pregnancy a word but may not be confirmed because it is likely to be the menstrual cycle is not regular women.

Constant need to urinate

Women need to donate in excess of the normal limit, due to the high amount of blood inside the body of a pregnant woman, and thus create the total amount of excess fluid through the bladder.

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Enlargement of the breasts accompanied by a sharp pain

May cause changes in hormones in case in the increased sensitivity of the breasts in addition to sense in the face of them, but probably lower that mark once acclimated body case with changes in load.

Unwell with vomiting or without it.

Condition starts to fatigue happen during any time of the day, there is no specific reason for the occurrence but is likely to be the reason is the hormonal changes, this display also occurs in pregnancy symptoms a word.

أعراض الحمل التقليدية

Signs of pregnancy girl or boy from the first month

There are some signs that you might be pregnancy symptoms girl or boulder which appears from the first month in pregnancy, and can be summarized in the following points:

The mood of the volatile

Because of the high rate of hormones within the body of the case will be the mood not bad so quick. plus she flipped out permanent.

Nasal congestion

Because of the changes that occur in the hormones and the secretion of blood hypertrophy occurs in the mucous membranes inside the nose, in addition to increasing the dry and the blood easily which causes the runny fluid from the nose or blockage.


May cause changes to hormones during the first month of pregnancy in the inflated body in a way similar to what happens during the beginning of the menstrual period.

Decreased appetite

Pregnancy symptoms girl or boy is sensation of not wanting to eat the kinds of food or all foods.


In the first symptoms of pregnancy to girl or to mention be the size of the spotting little in a lot of the Times, and mostly be a descent of the blood due to the occurrence of instilling both, though the brand may not occur to all the ladies.


Slow down in bowel movement and thus in the gut and thus the occurrence of constipation.

Cramps painful

A lot of ladies at the beginning of a period of pregnancy suffer from painful contractions in the uterus, and this offer be a symptom of pregnancy a word or mention.

علامات الحمل ببنت أو ولد

Pregnancy symptoms girl

After completion of the clarification tags traditional which confirms your pregnancy in addition to the symptoms of pregnancy girl or pregnancy, to mention, to get to know the symptoms of pregnancy daughters:

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Breast pain signs of pregnancy girl

Pregnancy symptoms girl is the sensation of pain in the breasts in addition to changing the size of the breast on the right becomes larger in size of the breast that’s in the right.

Nosebleeds signs of pregnancy girl

There is certain evidence that bleeding the relief of symptoms of pregnancy a word because all pregnant women regardless of the type of a fetus with that brand because of the hormonal changes during pregnancy, it’s normal and not indicating the type of the fetus.

The heartbeat of the fetus is high, about one hundred and forty beats in a minute.

In fact been found to scientific research lack of link between the number of pulses of the heart and determine the type of the fetus, though there are some doctors in addition to research small that returns a link, because the pulse of the Gold will be less speed of the pulse of the female, so in case it was the pulse of the fetus the faster it is likely to be pregnant word, because it is considered one of the symptoms of pregnancy daughter but not confirmed one hundred percent.

The desire to eat candy.

There are legends saying that the desire of the need to eat a lot of candy may be a signal that the sex of your baby is a female, however a child is not considered symptoms of a woman’s pregnancy daughters.

Changed the skin type to the type of fat

Not a sure thing to be a sign for the female, because they occur naturally due to changes in the rate of hormones within the body.

Permanent injury sick day

Can’t say for sure as the symptoms of a woman’s pregnancy daughters but has been found on the study demonstrate that the occurrence of nausea the day most of the time be a sign that the type of the fetus is female.

The mood of good and quiet

There are some studies which did not confirm or prove that the more the Pacific and psychological comfort of the symptoms of pregnancy word.

Check the garlic

There is a simple test using garlic which confirms the pregnancy to the female, then eating garlic and pictures of the irritating odor of the case it shows the campaign of her daughters.

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IfN urine

The symptoms of a woman’s pregnancy daughters to be the urine is a pale color.

Dry foot and hand

One of the symptoms of pregnancy a word is a sensation of dryness in foot and hand.

Put your sleeping situation

If the case is approached on the right, it shows the campaign of her daughters

Did you weight the lower abdomen signs of pregnancy girl

If you, dear need to feel heaviness in the lower region of the abdomen it is more likely to be pregnant in the female, because it is one of the symptoms of pregnancy a word, but with the weight in the abdomen do not have a firm offer on the pregnancy female due to the presence of several causes for that to happen as weighty as the elasticity of the muscles which reside in the stomach, excess weight in pregnancy, The Shape of the body.

Does pain in the right side of the signs of pregnancy girl

I don’t think one of the symptoms of a woman’s pregnancy a word because the pain may occur in any aspect of the body during pregnancy and not necessarily to be the type of the fetus is female just because the sensation of pain in the left side of the body.

الألم في الجانب الايسر من علامات الحمل ببنت

Is diarrhea signs of pregnancy girl

One of the symptoms of pregnancy daughter is diarrhoea due to problems of the gastrointestinal tract that occur during pregnancy.

In conclusion I must say that all what has been mentioned of the symptoms of pregnancy a word of which certain ones that did not prove your health, so it is not recommended to rely entirely on the appearance of those symptoms you have a dear case, and even better some of the symptoms of pregnancy a word of that to a specialist doctor and undergo to medical tests which prove the sex of your baby in time to see the type of the embryo which is after four months of pregnancy, so there’s never any need for sweating with illusions may not have any basis of Health.

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