What are the symptoms of falling blood sugar

ما هي أعراض هبوط السكر في الدم

ما هي أعراض هبوط السكر في الدم

Refers to drop blood sugar to low sugar levels, or glucose in the blood. Hypoglycemia is not a disease, but it may indicate a health problem, but what are the symptoms of falling blood sugar is? How can we protect ourselves from him? This is what we will learn in this article.

What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia?

May suffer people who suffer from falling blood sugar simple of the early symptoms of the following:

  • Hunger
  • Tremor or twitching
  • Sweating
  • Vibration
  • Pale face
  • Heart palpitations
  • Heart rate fast or irregular
  • Dizziness and weakness
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion

Severe hypoglycemia may include:

  • Weakness and fatigue and exhaustion
  • Focus weak
  • Stress and nervousness
  • Tingling in the mouth

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When to see a doctor?

Falling blood sugar can make you confused or even unconscious, which requires emergency care, make sure that your family, friends and colleagues at work know what to do.

If you lose consciousness or can’t swallow:

  • You should not give you liquids or food, which may cause choking.
  • You need to inject glucagon, a hormone stimulates the release of sugar in the blood.
  • Need emergency hospital treatment, if glucagon injection available.
  • If you experience symptoms of hypoglycemia several times a week, consult your doctor, may prescribe medication or a healthy diet; so to protect yourself from loss of consciousness resulting from hypoglycemia.

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What are the symptoms of falling blood sugar and how to prevent it?

Eating regular meals that contain carbohydrates, fiber andunsaturated fats, and also exercise, can prevent the shortage of sugar in the blood for most people.

People suffering from lack of sugar in the blood due to a medical condition they must also:

  • Follow the treatment plan: it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions, ask for help if it changes the symptoms.
  • Check the level of glucose in the blood: should people at risk to check blood sugar levels regularly, and know how to recognize these levels and discover the symptoms.
  • Alcohol: quit alcohol completely because it may cause you serious complications.
  • Exercise regularly: by exercising you should eat a light meal rich in carbohydrates, and you’re familiar with how the effect of exercise on sugar levels in the blood, where it is possible to perform exercises difficult or hard to a sharp fall in blood sugar levels.
  • Let people know your status: the persons concerned must lower blood sugar, to know friends, colleagues and family members, so they can help you if you need to, and understand your condition.
  • Medical Institute: the campaign kind of ID card or bracelet medical, will enable health care providers, emergency services and other know what you have to do it sooner.
  • Don’t skip or delay meals or snacks: if you are taking medication, insulin or diabetes medicine by Mouth, Be attentive on the amount you eat and the timing of your meals the main, the presence of your light.
  • Be prepared: always carry some fruit sugar, or juices that contain natural sugar suitable, or some light dessert, to be addressed quickly in case of appearance of any symptoms.

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After that we know the answer to the question, What are the symptoms of falling blood sugar and Prevention of these symptoms, if you have any further queries you can consult one of our doctors here.

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