What are the symptoms of dengue fever and how to cure it?


Dengue fever know the symptoms and how to treat them through the website idea. Fekera.com in summer with high temperature show some kinds of insects, flies and mosquitoes and a lot of other bugs. that caused some of the viruses, appearance of a rash on the skin of your human-like allergy symptoms, and this disease is dengue fever and is one of the types of protection that cause the appearance of flu symptoms and severe on the body and that disease occurs due to the strong virus, it will grab on with regard to dengue fever through this article .

About dengue fever :

  • Dengue fever and a disease caused by infection a viral infection a virus is very strong may be a human carrier of the virus or the disease and not show symptoms yet because the incubation period of the virus within the human body is a six days.
  • The incubation period is the duration that contains the virus which transmits inside the body until he could move in and it and show symptoms on the body .

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The symptoms of dengue fever :

Dengue fever is one of the diseases that cause severe weakness in the body where it makes human unable to balance or to do any work and months of symptoms is known as :

  • The occurrence of very high body temperature without warning .
  • Severe disorders in the stomach accompanied by puke and nausea .
  • Incidence of severe headache in the front of the head .
  • Severe pain in the joints, muscles and bones and difficulty in control .
  • Severe and difficult to balance .
  • Prince severe skin rash covering the entire skin and be painful and cause severe itching in the skin .
  • Also be a disease accompanied by pain in the teeth and in the gums and limits excessive bleeding in the gums .

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Public information about dengue fever :

  • You should expect all of the infected with dengue fever extreme caution where the symptoms resulting from injury disease for the first time be simple compared to what happens when infection for the second time .
  • When infection with dengue for the second time multiply in the symptoms and become more dangerous to human health as it may lead to the exit in the case of children and the elderly mentioned that they had destroyed due to high temperature, severe blood vessels and may cause bleeding severely from the nose .

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What are the symptoms of dengue fever, chronic :

Dengue fever when infecting human for the second time, or When be severe and be accompanied by a range of chronic symptoms including :

  • Out the blood on the form of bleeding from the nose and mouth .
  • Displaying blood vessels existing in the body to damage or malfunction is severe because of the very high body temperature .
  • You’re the color of poo, human black because of the presence of internal bleeding you should know the cause of it.
  • Bruising or collection of blood appear in different places of the body under the skin .
  • The occurrence of a severe bug in the installation of your blood, especially deficiency of platelets .
  • The occurrence of a severe abnormality in the heart rhythm and also Pulse .

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How to treat dengue fever prevention :

  • Treatment of the symptoms of dengue fever under the supervision of a specialist where the patient is given a set of painkillers to endure the pain resulting from the muscles and bones.
  • The war on giving the patient lotions and medications that make the situation in the water due to severe diarrhea so he doesn’t get the patient is dehydrated .
  • Sometimes acute bleeding, the patient need a blood transfusion so he doesn’t get any damage .
  • If the patient is infected with dengue fever. make sure that you are eating sterile water instead of the water coming from the tap directly .

For the Prevention of injury and dengue fever should be to secure the area to fill the holes can enter the mosquito and insects which is a key factor in the incidence of dengue fever .

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