What are the symptoms of colon cancer women?

We will mention the symptoms of colon cancer in women after the description of the colon cancer itself, which is a certain number of cancerous tumors malignant which are to appear in other places in the body may spread rapidly among its members, of his name is “colon cancer” it is, therefore, affects the colon or parts of it, namely, that cancer of the large intestine that is the last part in the digestive tract.

It is generally accepted that most of what affects the large intestine’s tumors, but diagnosed as benign, and does not place specific and does not relate to any don’t wait in different areas of the body, and is not transmitted to the rest of the members, speaking on the authority a number of developments consisting of parts of the diet, but in some cases which specific qualities the specific reasons they turn to cancerous tumors malignant which is the opposite of benign tumors so that they are spread in various body organs and then show symptoms of colon cancer in women especially.

Can Cancer affects the colon women and men with the similarity of symptoms between them, we will in the following mention everything about colon cancer symptoms in women, its causes and methods of prevention.

Colon cancer symptoms in women

Formulated for both women and men colon cancer, and this disease is in the center third for diseases that affect women, with a rate reached 9.Of 2%, and the disease is ranked third among the diseases that infect men so by 10%.

It is therefore necessary to be committed to conduct tests and analysis of colon cancer as regular especially for women by holding the intention of pregnancy and childbearing, in order to ensure the absence of any gatherings or swelling of polyps or abnormal swelling wave colon, and in the natural are similar to the symptoms of colon cancer in women.

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أعراض سرطان القولون

Since the beginning is not the emergence of any signs or symptoms and clear of the injured colon cancer and this is what allows for the difference in prevalence in the rest of the members of the body faster but after a certain time, especially when the arrival of the disease to show several signs and symptoms indicate its availability, which include:

  • The occurrence of certain changes in the digestive system, and which causes diarrhoea and constipation frequently and the cycle may continue for a long time up from four weeks to a full month.
  • The mixing of stool with patches of dried blood or donated blood, the color of his dark ways, so repeatedly during the same day.
  • The presence of disorder in the bowel which come in the form of gases and severe pain and frequent in the lower abdomen.
  • Feeling the need to urinate continuously and in quantities that have trailing after urination more than once during the day, and this is what causes the gases and harassment existing in the intestines, which be annoying.
  • Weight loss abnormally and in a short time.
  • The weakness of the body and the balloon of this of the main symptoms of colon cancer in women.

The causes of colon cancer in women

There are several causes of infection in women colon cancer and can increase its gravity, this causes the linked aspects of women’s daily lives that the reasons are:

أسباب سرطان القولون عند النساء

Predisposition or genetic inheritance

Some research has shown, studies that colon cancer is like other types of cancers such as breast cancer in women or cancer of the lung, so that it is directly related to the causes of genetic and family history of patients.

So that inheritance of genes from parents can cause an increased risk of cancer, especially when the symptoms of colon cancer in women, so you must tell every woman access to the family history of the patients to inform the doctor, because the doctor will have a plan commensurate with her life and is committed to its implementation so as not to get hit with this disease in the future and to protect themselves from it.

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Preferred intake of few foods that contain spices in large quantities or on the sauce hot, so that it was pointed out that these foods cause infection of the gastrointestinal tract in general and colon in particular, a reduction of butterflies, so I prefer to reduce them.

Methods of prevention of colon cancer

As we mentioned symptoms of colon cancer in women, we will mention the ways to prevent them, and related to their effectiveness if implemented regularly and under the supervision of a specialist in surgical oncology or physician for the family, and these ways the most important of which are the following:

طرق الوقاية من سرطان القولون

Examination of the export

Is regularity in the work of examination of export periodically contribute to reduce the incidence of colon cancer, as the cells that malfunction, operate abnormally or before they become cancer, it takes a time period of 10 to 15 years so that they can control tumors malignant and become dangerous and can not control it or control it, but when you perform a scan regularly and are recognized and then our doctors can address them and stop their growth immediately.


You should follow a good diet contains fiber and calories that contribute to reduce the incidence of colon cancer, the reason that it reduces the contractions that infect the intestines which consist of eating foods that contain fat and fiber a few of which are complex and need to provide large numbers to be digested.

And this the quantity you need of the body to produce a larger number of cells which result in increase of the possibilities that you can create a surge during be the desired cells, and that mutations that shift cells to non-natural and increase the likelihood of turning its cells, pre-cancerous, which over time turn cancerous cells already.

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Increase the exercise level of the output and improve the performance of the device area, and to burn fat and thus contribute to get rid the intestine of food residue in a faster manner and help in reducing the fact it.

Stay away from smoking

If smoking causes cancer in the entire body with to continue and progress in work, because the tobacco leaves that are smoked any form of smoke contains carcinogens.

Alcohol intake

Eating small amounts of alcohol do not cause harm to the colon, but eating them in large quantities increase the incidence of colon cancer because ethanol cause movements in the cells of the intestines which hinders their performance in the process of digestion and absorption of food.

Intake of vitamins and minerals

Contribute to the intake of vitamins and minerals, calcium, magnesium and supplements in general in the improvement of the general condition of the law and avoid the appearance of symptoms of colon cancer in women.

Taking aspirin in large quantities

Take painkillers in huge quantities on a daily basis, especially aspirin increases the risk of developing colon cancer.

Damage to intake hormones for women

It is worth mentioning is the intake of hormone replacement for women, notes the symptoms of colon cancer in women after menopause, women and menopause usually resort to eating hormone alternative compensation had not lost it, like eating hormone progesterone and estrogen, but studies have referred to these alternatives to hormonal supplements for growth hormone increase the risk of colon cancer but use his situation if the disease was diagnosed after the age of fifty.

After learning about all the symptoms of colon cancer in women, and ways to prevent it, follow the instructions of the former and go to consult a doctor in regards to the appropriate treatment for your condition is pathological.

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