What are the symptoms of cancer? Know them now in detail

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What are the symptoms of cancer? A question often needs an answer reassuring because of the prevalence of cancer during the recent period clearly.

Search for symptoms of disease cancer matter a large class of people where the desire to know the symptoms early detection of the disease and promptly treat it in the beginning for protection from the complications and save the life of the plant.

What are the symptoms of cancer? The answer to this question through the following lines, where the signal for months the warning signs of infection with this dangerous disease.. follow us.

ما هي اعراض مرض السرطان ؟ سرطان الثديWhat are the symptoms of cancer? Breast cancer

Symptoms of cancer

There is a set of symptoms and general information that indicate the presence of a cancerous tumor in the body, which appear on the infected gradually if you have been paying attention to them can happen to a full recovery and fast.
The most important of these symptoms include the following:

– Disturbances in the functioning of the intestine, where it changes the color and shape of stool, and the person by frequent bouts of diarrhea and constipation have seen blood in the urine or stool.

– The occurrence of abnormal bleeding from different places of the body such as the gums, nose, vagina and the penis.

– Recurrence of wound infection, which are difficult to heal. stiffness inflammation and pain and bleeding.

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– The emergence of the contract of swellings Strange in the body under the skin in some places such as the breast, neck and testis.

– Difficulty in swallowing and feeling the presence of something that gives eat normally.

– Changes in the color and shape of the skin and bleeding birthmarks and discoloration and size of more than 5 ms and become prominent above the surface of the skin.

– Injury alcohol and cough constantly with the appearance of blood with the cough and pain in the chest.

– The loss of the quick and sudden and unjustified situation.

– Feeling pain in the bones, particularly the lumbar region and usually linked to cancer of the uterus and intestines.

– Feeling of severe skin that are considered signs of skin cancer and liver with the appearance of ulcers and bump skin in some cases.

– Abdominal distension and the accumulation of gases, and gastrointestinal disorders.

– Disorders in the process of donation and change the color of urine the appearance of blood in the urine.

– Constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion for no apparent reason.

– Pain in joints and muscles.

– Exposure for indigestion and nausea after eating meals.

– The appearance of bruises on the skin and for no apparent reason.

– Sweating at night and feeling the heat.

– Loss of appetite.

– Swollen lymph nodes around.

– Sudden rise in temperature.

– Repeat the infection as a result of low immunity of the body.

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– Damage to the nails and discoloration and easily.

– The occurrence of a change in the sound and roughness of his.

– Know the ladies of bleeding between the sessions and the Times of abnormal.

– Logo by frequent bouts of headaches and pain in the neck.

– Feeling disorders include vision.

ما هي اعراض مرض السرطانWhat are the symptoms of cancer

The symptoms of some types of cancer

Occurs cancer as a result of the growth of the cells abnormally somewhere around and relieve the symptoms that indicate infection of cancer vary according to the place of injury and type of tumor, and the most prominent symptoms of cancer by type as follows:

– Symptoms of skin cancer appear in the form of changes in skin color and the appearance of spots and burrs around the change in the shape and color of birthmarks and Corporate Visibility to the outside and bled for her with the appearance of the skin lesions, tattoo new.

– Symptoms of breast cancer appear in the form of itching in the skin of the breast and nipple with redness, pain and appearance of swelling down the skin of the breast and change the color and shape of the nipples and discharge from them.

– Testicular cancer cause pain and increase in size with bloody discharge from penis with urine.

Refers rapid weight loss to cancer of the liver and pancreas with pruritus and disturbances in appetite.

– Kidney cancer cause blood and burning sensation in urine and pain when urinating.

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– Symptoms of uterine cancer is bleeding in the non-appointment of the menstrual cycle with severe pain during the occurrence of abnormal discharge and pain when everybody.

– Causes cancer of the stomach and intestines bleeding anal, blood with stool, distension and pain in the stomach, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting bloodied, severe pain after eating and loss sudden weight.

– Symptoms of lung cancer are: a cough is severe and persistent with phlegm bloodied, pain and tingling in the chest .

– Causes cancer pancreas pain in stomach and back and the larvae are infected skin to grow pale and turns its color to the color yellow and the color of the whites of the eyes yellow too.

– Cancer of the brain, causing dizziness, severe headache well eye and the concentration of overwork a year.

– Cancer of the blood and cause bleeding from the gums or nose or the vagina is associated with general tiredness, headache, dizziness or loss of appetite.

ما هي اعراض مرض السرطان الصداعWhat are the symptoms of cancer headache

What are the symptoms of cancer? The question carries with it a combination of feelings of fear, anxiety and anticipation, but answering them early can save a patient’s life and help him to healing and because early detection of cancer of the most important factors easing the pain and control of the disease and its complications.

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