What are the symptoms of anemia when you need it?

Anemia (anemia) is the lack of red blood cells in pregnancy, this can happen due to several reasons, this type of anemia is actually a normal condition in the first place; only if it is very clear you can to deal to talking about the disease.

The transition between the natural and disease is the question here, so you don’t need to be concerned if you have been diagnosed with anemia during pregnancy, it occurs mainly in the second half of pregnancy is mainly due to the need of the growing baby to the iron, we will through this article on symptoms of anemia in incident, its causes and how it can be diagnosed

What does it mean anemia

Available red blood cells (RBCs) are important oxygen intake in the lungs and connect it to the cells of the different tissues, cells use oxygen to obtain energy, that produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which in turn is transferred from the red blood cells to the lungs, where it can be exhaled.

In the case of absence of a sufficient quantity of these cells, save a small amount of oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body, this means that the body has energy available is less.

ماذا يعني فقر الدم

Causes of anemia during pregnancy

Is the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow, usually in the pregnancy week of the fourth, which is responsible among other things in the formation of iron, along with vitamin B12 and folic acid.

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If you lose one of these materials or decrease in the body, it gradually affects the production of red blood cells, and over time the patient develops symptoms of anemia.

The primary reason for anemia during pregnancy is a growing need for growth or building materials to form the brain of the organism, because the child’s need for growth and the resulting relative lack.

The child takes from the mother what it needs to be of his blood, and women need to take care of yourself and the baby and thus increasing the need to maintain a certain building.

Happen severe anaemia often in the local row quickly, because the reserves of the mother in this case is not renewed adequately, which may cause the emergence of symptoms of anemia when needed.

Different forms of anemia during pregnancy

  • Lack of red blood pigment

During pregnancy, there is an increase in the liquid part of blood (serum), while the absolute number of cellular components increases only slightly, this leads to the thinning of the blood and the transfer of red blood cells relatively, and therefore the concentration of the red blood pigment breathing, which causes the emergence of symptoms of anemia significantly.

  • Iron deficiency

This is the most common reason for the emergence of symptoms of anemia when the need arises, the main reason is the increased need for iron in the second half of pregnancy, which is not covered by the food adequately.

Affected by many of the women and iron deficiency during pregnancy, the reason for this is to increase the size of the blood, builds the baby also needs iron, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

In pregnancy, requires twice the amount of iron the usual, and a lot of women of iron deficiency in any case – even before the pregnancy, one of the main reasons for this is the monthly menstrual bleeding, where to lose women of childbearing age the blood and therefore iron.

Because the blood volume increases by between 20 and 30 per cent during pregnancy – i.e. it is the composition of the mix of blood and exchanged in the body greatly – there is also a need for more iron.

Because mineral intake through diet is often very low, the anemia, iron also occur faster in pregnant women.

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So the intake of sufficient amount of iron is especially important during pregnancy, when it is supplying the body with iron with food, especially fish, meat, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, which helps you as a mother pregnant in protection yourself from the symptoms of anemia when needed.

الأشكال المختلفة لفقر الدم أثناء الحمل

  • Folic acid deficiency

Folic acid is among other things, an important building block for cell growth and red blood cells, folic acid also has an increased need during pregnancy, folic acid deficiency is responsible for about 10% of the proportion of anemia during pregnancy.

Folic acid is found especially in leafy greens, liver, yeast, milk, in addition to inadequate food intake, can be bowel disease or taking certain medications (such as methotrexate) cause the transfer of folic acid is also the emergence of symptoms of anemia when needed.

  • Blood loss anemia

Can lead blood loss also anemia; this occurs especially in the presence of placenta previa or mobile premature placenta as well as maternal mortality due to bleeding during childbirth, in rare cases, anemia occurs during pregnancy (such as gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids, etc.) because of the bleeding another.

What are the symptoms of anemia when needed

The first signs are usually..

  • Extreme fatigue and exhaustion
  • Face very pale and dry skin
  • Dizziness and shortness of breath
  • Fingernails brittle
  • A general decline in physical and mental performance
  • Flickering
  • Difficulty focus.
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

If anaemia be very clear, it can also cause (angina pectoris).

Symptoms of anemia for pregnant in the fourth month

  • The weakness of the body.
  • Fatigue significantly and continuously.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • The difficulty of development.
  • Arrhythmia.
  • Skin color pale.
  • Cooler parties.

Symptoms of anemia for a pregnant mom

  • Tiredness and fatigue severe
  • The speed of the heartbeat.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Dizziness.
  • Pale face.
  • Yellowing in the face.

أعراض فقر الدم للحامل بالشهر السادس

How will my doctor diagnose the symptoms of anemia when needed

The diagnosis is made on the basis of the blood count, the decisive factors are the number of red blood cells, and the content of red blood pigment (hemoglobin) and blood cells to the fluid of the blood (hematocrit), as it is to determine the level of iron and folic acid in the blood.

What can the doctor do

First of all, you must determine the exact cause of anemia through the examination of in-depth, talk about the symptoms of anemia when the need, then is to coordinate all of them with it by reason, available iron supplements or folic acid or vitamin to prevent or treat anemia.

What you can do for the symptoms of anemia when needed

  • Eat a diet rich and varied.
  • Liver, cow, whole bread or grain products and dried fruits is particularly rich in iron.
  • Can improve the absorption of iron with the help of vitamin C, so the diet should be rich in vitamin C includes for example, fish, vegetables, raw potatoes and citrus fruits.
  • Folic acid is particularly in beans, oats, mushrooms, broccoli, beef, liver.
  • In consultation with your doctor, you can also take supplements that contain iron and vitamins and folic acid.
  • You should avoid nicotine and alcohol.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if you have any symptoms of anemia when needed so as not to affect your unborn baby.

In the end, after that we know the symptoms of anemia in case, if you feel any of these symptoms when your pregnancy you should follow up with the doctor of your fabric, in order to avoid any complications occur at birth or infect your unborn baby.

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