What are the stages in the fetus

ما هي المراحل التي يمر بها الجنين

ما هي المراحل التي يمر بها الجنين

Repeated pregnancy period of 9 months is divided pregnancy into three stages usually the wish of many mothers to recognize the stages of baby’s growth during each period and every month, and in this article we will explore what are the stages experienced by the fetus during these periods.

What are the stages in the fetus?

Pregnancy begins usually from the first day of the last menstrual period of the mother, it usually takes about two weeks to find out the mother she’s pregnant to make sure pregnancy occurs, here are the stages of fetal development month by month:

The first month

With the growth of the fertilized egg, the amniotic sac, and helps protect the fetus, and during this period grow the placenta also, and the placenta is a member of circular and flat transports nutrients from mother to child.

Will be the face of the primitive circles with big black IS for the eyes, and the mouth and lower jaw, throat, and blood cells, will begin circulation in the work, you will fail the fetal heart micro 65 times a minute by the end of the fourth week.

Month 2

Use the facial features of the fetus to develop and grow, begin each ear on the body, a small fold of skin on the side of the head, unfold the tiny buds grow in the end to two arms and two legs and also fingers hands and feet and eyes.

Begins the formation of the neural tube (brain and spinal cord tissue and other nerve to the central nervous system) and begins the digestive tract and sensory organs in growth, and starts the bone replacing the cartilage.

Head be large in proportion with the rest of the body of the fetus, and in about 6 weeks, you can normally discover the pulse of the fetal heart.

Month 3

Is formed the arm of the child with his hands and his fingers and his feet and his fingers are full, your child can open and close his fist and his mouth, and start the nails of the hands and feet for the ear, and the beginnings of teeth, and grow the genitals, but it is difficult to distinguish the sex of the baby ultrasound.

By the end of the third month, the child has been fully machined, all organs and extremities present and will continue to grow, and the circulation and urinary system.

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Complete the stages of fetal development

To complete to identify what are the stages in the fetus, we will explore the rest of the months of pregnancy.

Month 4

Can hear the fetal heart rate is now through an instrument called a Doppler, fingers and toes defined, is the formation of the eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, hair, and the teeth become bone more dense, the fetus begins to control simple movements inside the mother’s belly.

The nervous system, grow genitals fully now, the doctor can determine the type of the fetus using ultrasound.

Month 5

Might start the mother in feeling baby’s movement, because the muscle grows and begins to use it, the hair begins for a baby’s head, cover your baby’s shoulders and back with a soft hair, and this hair usually fall at the end of the first week after the birth of the child.

Month 6

Be the skin of the fetus in this month’s pink and wrinkly, and show the veins through the baby’s skin is transparent, and show the fingerprints of the child, and eyelids begin to split and open up the eyes, and the baby responds to sounds.

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The last stage of pregnancy

To complete the answer to your question of what are the stages in the fetus these are the last months of pregnancy.

Month 7

The baby will continue to grow and develop reserves of body fat, and completed the sense of hearing when the child fully, and report status frequently and responds to sounds, pain, pressure, and starts the amniotic fluid in the development.

Month 8

You may notice the mother that the child increases kick him, grows the child’s brain rapidly at this time, the child can see and hear, most of the internal systems is considered to have completed their growth, but it may be the lungs not developing.

Month 9

The child continues to grow, and the lungs are evolving fully, and coordinating feedback to your child so that he can open and close the eyes, turn the head, constipation, tightly, and respond to sounds, light and touch.

You may notice that your baby moves less due to tight space, and put the baby to ready itself for labor and birth, where the child falls in the tub, usually have the baby’s head towards the birth canal.

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At the end of the article, dear readers, after that we know what are the phases of the fetus should the mother to ensure a healthy growth of her baby follow-through regular meetings with the competent doctor, to ensure the health and safety of the fetus and also our health, and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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