What are the signs of the expiration of the solenoid

What are the signs of the expiration of the solenoid answer via website cart health IUD one of the most important means of contraception among women, which reaches its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is 75%, and offers multiple types of copper and hormonal it is used and installed in private clinics and hospitals under medical supervision and for a woman’s body does not.


Signs of expiry of the hormonal IUD

Many women feel uncomfortable while using the IUD because of its easy installation in the region of the cervix when the woman, in addition to a long time, where there are two types of solenoid are:

Hormonal IUDs

This type of IUD of the species most famous among women, so you can Ma’am, to inquire about the type of solenoid before installation to determine the school that suits you, and is divided into two types one of them:

  • The IUD Skyla: this type is used for just three years and change later.
  • They areof Mirena: this type can be changed five years after its installation.

IUD copper

  • Works of this type to prevent the fertilization of a sperm to the egg.
  • Won the admiration of many women is to change 10 years after its installation.

The symptoms of infection Helix

Women for some infections due to the installation of the coil, resulting in some side effects and most important symptoms are the following:

  • The occurrence of the disorder at the onset of menstruation between the increase or decrease or the length of descent of the state or limit it.
  • The appearance of some of the symptoms of pre-state such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, a feeling of severe pain and swelling of the breast.
  • The occurrence of irregular bleeding at the beginning of the installation of the coil.

Serious signs of inflammation of the solenoid

May get worse in the case of negligence in the examination of the international club, where they could cause serious symptoms including:

  • Expulsion of the IUD outside of the uterus.
  • Breakthrough Helix wall of the uterus and puncture it, causing inflammation or bleeding.
  • The occurrence of severe inflammation in the pelvic area; as a result of the transfer solenoid for a bacteria to a region of the uterus.

The best time to remove IUD

  • Recommended obstetricians and Gynecologists women who wish to conceive once again.
  • Remove the solenoid by a specialized physician in the clinic, the best time to remove it is the last day of the menstrual cycle.
  • The doctor inserts a speculum, a medical through the vagina to clean the vaginal area the cervix and the uterus itself.
  • And on the cleansed and sterilized thoroughly after the removal of the IUD, where the doctor says to drag the coil through the option hyphen all by the clamp.
  • Doctors stress the necessity of the failure of women to this own at home, so as not to cause any risk to our health.

Hit the left the Helix a long time

Confirmed Obstetricians and Gynecologists to leave the MS. the IUD into the uterus more than is necessary may cause several damage to women, including:

  • The occurrence of pregnancy.
  • Infections severe about the IUD, whether hormonal or copper, and may require up to an abscess.
  • Women’s vulnerability to severe bleeding.
  • Injury to the region of the uterus to pollution, fungus or bacteria.
  • The occurrence of some severe complications.
  • Women cycle monthly heavy.

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