What are the methods of treatment of hemorrhoids for pregnant?

Hemorrhoids hit pregnant because of the pressure on the blood vessels in the anus due to pregnancy, and then flowing the vessels are bulging from the anus when urinating or after, it is possible to feel the need to write a small inside the anus, and here you’ll learn to treating hemorrhoids for pregnant.

Causes of hemorrhoids pregnancy

Hemorrhoids occur during pregnancy in about half of all expectant mothers, usually mild, it is very rare to get pregnant women bleeding more severe, as increases the risk of hemorrhoids in pregnancy for women who have children already or older a little, and women who have bought from before of hemorrhoids getting worse symptoms during pregnancy and childbirth .

أسباب بواسير الحمل

There are several reasons an injury many women, hemorrhoids during pregnancy, where the fetus in the uterus of the increasing pressure in the abdominal cavity and thus also on the vessels in the anus, where the blood flows from there in a more vulnerable and accumulates.

Increases the fetus is also pressing on the intestine, which is why in pregnant women because they get caught always, so can the pressure increases strongly during bowel movements risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy, in addition to various hormones during pregnancy increase blood flow which accumulates the blood, resulting in hemorrhoids, so you can identify those reasons for the treatment of hemorrhoids for pregnant.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Before treating hemorrhoids for pregnant you must know the symptoms first, may not be discovered fully, but often cause problems, for example pregnant women suffer from itching or celebration at home or wear and tear or feeling of pressure on the anus. There may be bleeding bright red during bowel movements, are also possible occurrence of severe abdominal pain, if you encounter a case of these symptoms please go to a doctor so he can make an accurate diagnosis, start the treatment of hemorrhoids to deal in an appropriate manner.

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You have to note that the hemorrhoids is not always responsible for the pain, itching and burning in the anal area, are often complaints resulting from thrombosis of the veins of the anal, it’s a blood clot blocking a vein on the anus, can be affected people here use a mirror to see the tumor of blue on the edge of the anus, and maybe they feel, and here it is important that thrombosis of the veins of the anal usually disappears on its own within two to three weeks, if you have symptoms or you feel insecure, you should consult with your physician first to get appropriate ointments and.

أعراض البواسير في الحمل

Hemorrhoids after birth

Because of the phase urgent long during birth, it can show the current hemorrhoids and complaints of women in the puerperium, and in most cases the symptoms disappear on their own at some point, where you can support this by not standing for a long time and try not to strain the floor of the tub as much.

And even after birth it is hemorrhoids treatment for pregnant usually are excited so your body is able to recover from the effort, and it is important here to avoid the occurrence of constipation, the best way to do this is to follow a balanced diet, high fiber, instead of white flour products, place the legumes and nuts in your list and eat dried fruit as a snack, it is very important to eat money a lot.

If you feel pain you can do with chamomile lukewarm, this helps after the birth, even ointments that contain lidocaine is no problem to use it after consulting your doctor, it is best to talk to your midwife about the symptoms, because it certainly has good tips for treatment and home remedies or ointments that are particularly useful now.

Methods of treating hemorrhoids for pregnant

To relieve acute pain you can wrap a piece of cheesecloth to the cold and put them as close as possible to the anus, and also sit in baths to relieve inflammation, for example with chamomile or oak bark, where the help of those herbs for hemorrhoids treatment for pregnant, it is best to ask the pharmacy or a gynaecologist and ask for advice on this bathroom be more convenient and how to use it.

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Should eat a meal high in fiber to avoid constipation, please do not eat laxatives without a doctor’s prescription, so fluid intake adequate exercise helps the bowel to work, clean the anus important after wetting but gently, it is better not to use scented toilet paper, because that irritates the skin.

There are also ointments that help in treating hemorrhoids for pregnant, where you have most of them on drugs, local anesthesia such as lidocaine or clinical, and treatment with preparations containing bismuth salts and titanium dioxide is also suitable, however you should use these medicines in consultation with your doctor, however there is surgical removal of hemorrhoids when pregnant after birth process but this is rare, because of hemorrhoids during pregnancy the case of an emergency and after childbirth enough time on their own.

طرق علاج البواسير للحامل

Hemorrhoids treatment for pregnant with herbs

Among the ways other home in the treatment of hemorrhoids to eat foods rich in fiber such as flax seeds, oats, wheat, ground it and add it to or natural drinks that do not have any damage on the case.

And also fruits rich in fiber, anti-constipation and as a natural laxative, prunes, apricots, papaya, pineapple, figs.

Despite all that however aloe vera gel has an essential role in the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, because it contains some of the anti-inflammatory substances, as it’s safer on the bus and her unborn child, but it is a danger to who suffer from allergies.

How can I prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy

As we mentioned earlier, hemorrhoids are not a disease, but its actually the fabric of an erection useful to prevent out of curiosity, only when it is expanded and the pain become a problem for pregnant women, and you can’t avoid it completely, but there are some things that you can do to reduce risks to a minimum for example you can do the following:

  • You can eat a diet rich in fiber to prevent constipation.
  • Especially during pregnancy you should avoid laxatives.
  • I don’t have the need to sit on the toilet for a long time.
  • Pay attention to Good Girls anal.
  • You should making bathrooms anti-inflammatory and to provide them with warm water with chamomile or oak bark.
  • You must exercise a lot of exercise because this boosts the activity of the intestine.

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At the end of our conversation we may know our methods of treating hemorrhoids for pregnant, the causes of emergence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy the symptoms of hemorrhoids when needed, if you notice any of these symptoms above-mentioned have continued with you for a while you should go to the doctor immediately and the necessary tests for proper treatment.

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