What are the methods of treatment of heatstroke and how to prevent them

Often summer gives life and activity, but the temperature will not be always safe for us when the atmosphere is very warm, accompanied by moisture is high, make the sensation of heat growing.

On the day of severe heat and humidity, you stand on the corner of the road, or in the summer vacation in a visit to the sea, if someone has got redness in the face, headache in the head with fatigue and general weakness until he lost consciousness, you see what we will do in this position? And what are the procedures of ambulatory needed?

Let’s learn more in our article that’s about to hit the sun, and the method of handling the correct case of infection and how to treat them.

Hit the sun

Before going into the methods of treatment of heat stroke must look forward to their classification are considered to hit the sun or the term is the most accurate ” hit free “Heat Stroke ” is an emergency, occur as a result of direct exposure to the heat of the air, especially in summer, as a result of prolonged exposure to high heat, in conjunction with drought.

There is no accurate identification, but if body temperature rises to 40 and above, the symptoms begin to appear. The ability of the body is limited to modifying the heat to the degrees of Doctor, the health effects difficult.

The ability of the body to the effectiveness of thermoregulation depends on several factors, including:

  • Work the more work I told the body’s ability to regulate heat.
  • The level of saturation of the tissues with fluid.
  • The efficiency of the heart, kidneys and lung.
  • Drug interactions, or some of its damage side.

Causes of stroke

The fundamental reason, is exposure to the skin warm and moist for long periods ” sunstroke classic or non-get“, and often this condition occurs with the elderly, and those suffering from chronic diseases, but may also occur after strenuous activity. “heat stroke exertional” and often after physical activity intense in warm weather, and probably if the person is not familiar with the degrees of freedom associated need.

There are some factors that increase the risk of stroke, including:

  • Work, often increasing rates of infection in young or adults over the age of 65 years because the ability to adapt to heat depend mainly on the extent of acclimation of the central nervous system.
  • Work hard in hot weather.
  • Sudden exposure to the weather is hot, stay in a humid place for a long time.
  • Some drugs directly, or side effects as some pharmaceutical diuretics.
  • Injury need certain conditions, such as chronic heart and lungs.


There are several symptoms of heat stroke may accompany a patient and show them:

  • Loss of consciousness, may be accompanied by coma.
  • Headache, with fatigue and general weakness.
  • Dryness and redness of the skin.
  • Feeling dizzy and nausea.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Pain in the muscles, may be accompanied by significant fluctuations in the muscle.
  • Speed in development, with an increase in heart rate.
  • The occurrence of some complication, like a hallucination and delirium.

How to treat heatstroke

The goal of the treatment of heat stroke first is cooling the body temperature, and so are by:

  • The disarmament of any heavy clothes or tight wears its source.
  • Immersion the majority of the body of the plant in a basin or bath of cool water.
  • Use compresses of cold water under the armpits, between the thighs and neck, to speed up the cooling process.
  • Drink liquids from the water to compensate for the quantity of useful quality.
  • Spray the patient with water spray cold with the ventilation you need to cool the surrounding atmosphere.

* In some severe cases is cooling the body from the inside by the stomach and enema, to enter the cold water for cooling the major blood vessels is important in regulating the heat, in the case of a threat to the life of the patient, is placed the blood of the patient in the device and cooled by it and the blood then to the body of the patient, to receive the then organs and tissues and blood warmly moderate and restores the body to its ability to recover from the new.

You can avoid getting a sunburn

You can prevent this by following some guidelines like:

  • Wear clothes to suit the weather warm colors absorb less sun, not wearing tight clothing or a heavy or dark in color.
  • Drink sufficient amount of fluids.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun’s heat is high especially in the period between (10 AM – 4 pm), and not to exercise any effort leads to increasing the temperature of the body during that period.
  • Being in the environment can enter the shadow and air.
  • Not to leave people most likely to heatstroke in the car such as the elderly and children, the temperature raise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes!
  • Make sure the doses of medicines, if taking any medications, and their side effects and their impact on the regulation of body temperature.

God bless you and the dress of Health and wellness ..


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