What are the methods of treatment of colon digestive tract and the gases?

Gas the colon is normal for all human beings which supports a lot of research on treatment of digestive colon and gases that affect it, and treatment of these gases due to anaerobic bacteria in the colon, and on the multiplication of some food that can not be handled by the enzymes of human digestion, and in the case of the arrival of such materials to the inside of the large intestine used by these bacteria with a view to energy, and cause these bacteria in the production of gases, including methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur, and other gases of nitrogen.

As it produces gases, they also produce some useful items for Humans of vitamin K, its role is important in the bile, and to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the colon, and in case of any imbalance in this relationship, increase the amount of the resulting gases as well as other health problems such as abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and swellings and other symptoms, for more details about the treatment of colon digestive gases. In the next section..

How to get rid of gas the colon

There are many dietary behaviors that can be utilized in alleviating the symptoms of gas the colon and get rid of them once and for all, and by eating some specific foods that help significantly in the treatment of these gases and disposal, and to find out how to cure colon digestive gases, you must know the following:

كيف اتخلص من غازات القولون 

كيف اتخلص من غازات القولون 

  • You should eat some medicines which get rid of the gluten, and it happens in cases of bad digestion seemed to be the gases resulting from infection with one disease wheat allergy.
  • It is better to avoid eating certain types of vegetables and fruit that increase to be greenhouse gas the colon, such as lentils, cabbage, as well as fear dried.
  • Can treatment colon digestive gases, by avoiding eating any foods containing the presence of lactose, or even sorbitol, or material fructose, in the event the patient has poor digestion of these sugars, it should be noted in the case of the low ability of the intestine to digest the lactose which means milk sugar, you can use an alternative such as supplements containing the enzyme lactase, which is the process of smashing sugar also facilitate the process of absorption, and therefore reduces the gas of the colon significantly.
  • Can treatment colon digestive gases, through taking dietary supplements containing enzymes of the pancreas with any meal to eat, and it happens in the case was equivalent to the difference of the process of poor digestion resulting from the inefficiency of the pancreas and its work as required.
  • You should reduce the intake of fatty foods, especially to minimize them significantly contributes to the process of digestion of food the process easier, as well as get rid of the gases the body better strength and fit.
  • Preferably reduce the amount of food eaten, with a view to the Prevention of bulges and gases, the incidence of obesity as a result of eating foods a lot of.
  • Should eat softly and slow, it is advised to avoid eating candy as well as gum that depend on the emulsification, as it allows my work to pass the air entering through the mouth.
  • Should you quit smoking, it helps to be invasive as well as bulges.
  • You must get rid of tensions, anxiety, dear reader.
  • You must cure constipation, regulate the digestive process, and it happens by eating foods rich in fiber as well as intake of laxatives and drugs.
  • It is better to avoid eating any soft drinks.
  • You should avoid use of a straw to drink liquids.

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Cure gas colon herbal

Using some of the ways you can alleviate of the gas colon, or even minimize them and eliminate them, thus treating the colon and digestive system, gases, and some of these ways or growing herbs is not as medical, and a lot of people infected with the colon using natural materials as an alternative to drugs, especially since they are considered the most safe for them, because those recipes don’t require a lot of effort, or costs, and are simple and available in most homes and areas, and this recipe is what comes up:

علاج غازات القولون بالأعشاب

علاج غازات القولون بالأعشاب

  • Anise: can treatment colon digestive gases through the intake of anise, which is a project very effective in calming the nerves of the body, as well as help him to relax your body, which works heavily on the process of minimizing the expansion and then control any of the gas colon, and boil it with water and then eat it warm.
  • Flax seeds: in the case of continuing injury cases of acute diarrhea, in this case the body loses a lot of fluids and nutrients and minerals that it needs not, but flax seeds by a lot of minerals that work to compensate the body loss of any person, as it helps greatly in calming the intestines of the body, can use flax seed as a remedy for by eating a number of 5 to 6 teaspoons daily.
  • Fennel: one of the well-known herbs which greatly help in getting rid of the pain of the body due to the movement of the colon constant within the body.
  • Ginger, can treat digestive colon and gases by Ginger is one of the beverages is important from herbs that contain nutrients effective and often works to calm the colon in the body, as well as control him and his movement.
  • Caraway: is a popular drink treatment is important and safe to reduce the bulges of the abdomen, as well as get rid of the gases of the body, especially it helps significantly in reducing the gas colon.

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Cure gas colon final

Can eliminate gas colon bloating and permanently by making some natural methods, as follows:

علاج غازات القولون نهائيًا

علاج غازات القولون نهائيًا

  1. Can treatment colon digestive gases, by avoiding eating any foods that cause gas in the body, as well as the bloating, such as fried foods, broccoli as well as cabbage or cabbage, legumes as well as soft drinks, pears, apples, onions, etc.
  2. You must slow down eat the foods, chewing them well before swallowing, in order to reduce the process of swallowing air inside.
  3. Is treatment colon digestive gas and eating natural foods that work as an Gas, such as fennel, is one of the medicinal herbs that help in the elimination of gases in the colon within the human body in a matter of minutes.
  4. You should eat soaked mint, or even some leaves of fresh mint, which helps greatly in feeling comfortable, as well as works to rid the body of gases, as well as bulges.
  5. Exercise regularly, especially as they help the human body dramatically eliminate naturally soft, and regular courses.
  6. Drinking infused green tea daily, which helps significantly in getting rid of cases of constipation in the body, thereby prevents the process of gathering gases of the body in the colon.
  7. Cardamom must add it to foods, it helps greatly in the elimination of gas colon bloating significantly.
  8. Is treatment colon digestive gases, through the addition of cinnamon, fenugreek and Nigella to the daily meals in foods, particularly as they inhibit the process of gathering gases in the colon within the human body, as they help greatly in the process of getting rid of them.
  9. You can eat a number one tablespoon of seeds turmeric after soaking in boiling water.
  10. You must soak some of the grains of cloves with boiling water for up to 10 minutes, then they are eating soaked, which is resistant to gas the body and the colon rapidly.
  11. Should the intake of juices like lemon mixed pain baking powder.
  12. Must enter the apple cider vinegar in daily diet, which works to eliminate the gases the colon once and for all, you must add the 2 tablespoon to one cup of water and then eat it.
  13. You should eat chamomile infusion, or even drenched feverfew, which helps greatly in eliminating the colon of gases once and for all.
  14. You should eat a small piece of ginger that works to expel gases of the body from the colon the final, to be eaten after each meal.

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Dear reader, now you may know all the details that pertain to the treatment of the colon digestive gases. For more details follow our website

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