What are the foods that are recommended downloaded from injured diabetes

ما هي الأطعمة التي ينصح بتناولها من أصيب بداء السكري

ما هي الأطعمة التي ينصح بتناولها من أصيب بداء السكري

Learn what are the foods that are recommended downloaded from injured diabetes is not easy, because the goal of know the foods are control blood sugar levels.

Also it is important to choose carefully the foods that do not cause other problems associated with diabetes, such as heart disease, learn with me, dear reader, the most important of these foods.

What are the foods that are recommended downloaded from the affected by diabetes?

Here are some foods useful for patients with diabetes Type I and II:

Fatty fish

Fatty fish are considered the best healthy foods existing on the surface of the Earth such as: salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, and mackerel, which contain great sources of fatty acids rich in omega 3 type DHA and EPA, which have significant benefits for heart health.

Eating enough per day of these fatty acids greatly help to prevent diabetes and other diseases, in particular teachers of them increase the risk of heart disease, stroke.

Fish is also a huge source to get protein through the ingested, so keep you feeling full, and help in speeding up the metabolism.

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Is one of the foods that provide the body entitled different nutritional and important to a healthy body, with a small number of calories, compared to other types of foods.

It also contains only very little amount of starches that raise blood sugar, making it one of the best foods candidate for diabetes. Spinach and kale are one of the most important vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C.

And also vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants, especially lutein (lutein), and Asian (zeaxanthin). And antioxidants this eye disease macular degeneration and cataracts (cataract), a disease common in diabetics.


Cinnamon is of the finest kinds of spices, the most rich in antioxidants, keep blood sugar level low, and the sensitivity of body to insulin.

The House

Is one of the foods that are in the process of satiety throughout the day, and has many health benefits including:

  • Stir the eggs from the occurrence of inflammation, and improves the sensitive insulin.
  • Eggs are also rich in antioxidants (lutein) and (asset).


One of the types of communication that improve the functioning of the kidneys, where it is known that diabetes, diseases that may lead to kidney disease, and helps the turmeric to maintain blood sugar levels, but be sure, dear reader, to add a little cumin to turmeric when you eat it, where to help Nigella in the process of absorption of the turmeric inside the stomach.


A nutrient-rich, hearty taste too, rich in fiber, and contain very little amount of carbohydrates.


Of more vegetables, the supply of nutrients is important, because it contains vitamin C, magnesium, antioxidants.

Olive oil

Olive oil is exclusive, is one of the most important foods to eat for heart health, as olive oil contains oleic acid, a type of monounsaturated fat, which helps in improving the proportion of high fat density in the body, which are found in the blood of diabetic patients.

Also contains olive oil polyphenols which is an antioxidant, which alleviate inflammation, reduce the incidence of, and protects the cells lining the blood vessels, lowers high blood pressure.

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Some other foods

There are some other foods such as:

  1. Flax seeds
  2. Apple cider vinegar
  3. Strawberry
  4. Garlic
  5. Pumpkin

These foods contain a high percentage also of antioxidants, and help in improving the ratio of insulin in the blood, and insulin sensitivity, and fiber, especially flax seeds.

After that you know what are the foods that are recommended downloaded from injured diabetes, and the most important components of the food, maintain your health through healthy eating beneficial to the body, and if you have any questions or queries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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