What are the damages ketogenic Dayton


Ketogenic Dayton is a diet based on eating protein and fat and avoid eating carbohydrates or minimizing them such as sugar, white bread and fat, in spite of the stunning results of this type of dieting which helps the body to burn fat faster in addition to not gaining weight is a plus, but not serious damage to the body will monitor you as follows.

Damage ketones Dayton

  • When a human from drinking caffeine it enters the symptoms resemble withdrawal includes headaches, extreme dizziness.
  • It may happen indigestion and stomach disorders.
  • This causes the system to heart problems as well as high blood pressure.
  • This system is not recommended for diabetics and persons obesity.
  • Muscles need protein and carbohydrates to make them more intense, the protein alone is less effective to build muscle and therefore loss of bone density with time.
  • Cause this diet in the low sugar level in the blood especially for people who take insulin.

Symptoms of ketoacidosis Dayton

الكيتو دايت

الكيتو دايت

Changes of the brain on glucose, a substance that strengthens the body manufactured easily from carbohydrates, and when you follow the ketogenic diet, the body loses a large amount of money due to lack of carbohydrate intake this causes the appearance of symptoms of constipation, nausea, in addition to feeling fatigue and irritability, for this you have to drink plenty of water when you follow the ketogenic diet Dayton.

Damage ketones Dayton on the heart

  • Depends diet ketogenic fat saturated and unsaturated and thus increases the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.
  • May get human of heart disease and stroke if they following this campaign without consulting your doctor.
  • Should people who follow a ketogenic focus on vegetable fats like nuts to relieve these symptoms.

Damage ketones Dayton, patients

Eating a few carbs helps in burning fat and weight loss but this is not recommended for a diabetic because the body when to burn fat resort to making ketones which is a serious impact on patients with diabetes of the first type because they cause an increase in ketones in the blood and thus to threaten your life, so you should consult a doctor before following this campaign serious.

Damage ketones Dayton on the kidneys

  • Of damage to the system ketogenic Dayton emergence of kidney stones.
  • Eating a large amount of protein makes the urine acidic more and therefore increases the level of calcium in the blood.
  • Affects ketones increase uric acid in the blood and therefore kidneys are more susceptible to the fortress.

We have provided you the damage system ketogenic Dayton on health if you have suggestions leave a comment down site content.

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