What are the consequences of diabetes

ما هي عوارض السكري

ما هي عوارض السكري

How can you tell if you suffer from diabetes? Most of the early symptoms come from glucose levels higher than normal, which is a type of sugar in your blood, then what are the consequences of diabetes the other? Keep reading to learn more.

Symptoms of diabetes

Can be warning signs very simple so that they do not notice them, this applies particularly to type 2 diabetes, some people do not discover they have it until they get problems caused by damage to the long-term result of the disease.

But with Type 1 diabetes usually symptoms occur quickly, within days or a few weeks, as it’s sharper too.

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What are the consequences of diabetes the game?

Both types of diabetes have some warning signs, which include:

Hunger and

If your body does not produce enough insulin or if your cells resist insulin that is made by your body, you won’t be able to glucose to enter and will not have the energy, this can make you hungrier and more stressful than usual.

Urinate frequently

Urinating more frequently than necessary, a constant feeling of thirst; usually forced the average person to donate between four and seven times during the 24 hours, but people with diabetes may need to urinate more, because usually live body glucose uptake during the passage of his words, but when you raise diabetes blood sugar you have, you may not be able to your kidneys to restore all of this, which leads to increased urine production, which consumes fluid; the result is: You have to go more than once to pee, and pee a lot, you can feel very thirsty and when you drink more, you pee more.

Dry mouth itchy skin

This is because your body uses the fluid in the urination, there is less moisture for other things, you may become dehydrated and may feel your mouth is dehydrated, it can make your dry skin to feel itchy.

Blurred vision

May lead to change the fluid levels in your body to amplify the lenses in your eyes, making it difficult to focus on anything in particular because of the lack of clarity of your vision.

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What are the consequences of diabetes of both types is?

Symptoms of diabetes Type II include:

  • Yeast infection, which may infect both men andladiesand may appear between fingers and toes, or under the breasts or in or around the sexual organs.
  • Slow healing sores or wounds; with the passage of time can affect high blood sugar on the blood flow and causes nerve damage which makes it difficult wound healing.
  • Pain or numbness in your feet or your legs, this is another result of nerve damage.

While the symptoms of diabetes Type I include:

  • Weight loss is planned; and if he can’t your body get energy from your food, you’ll begin to burn muscle and fat for energy instead of that, you may lose your weight although you didn’t change the way you eat to eat.
  • Nausea and vomiting; when to turn your body to burn fat, it makes ketones, these can accumulate in your blood up to dangerous levels, a situation that maybe life threatening called diabetic ketoacidosis.

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When to call a doctor?

Now that we know what are the consequences of diabetes here are some signs that indicate the need to call your doctor:

If you are aged greater than 45 years or if you have other risks for diabetes, it is important to conduct a test sugar, when you discover the condition early, you can avoid nerve damage heart problems and other complications.

As a general rule, contact your doctor if you:

  • Feel nauseous and upset and excessive thirst.
  • Need to urinate often.
  • You have pain belly bad.
  • Breathe deeply and faster than usual.
  • You smell the same fairly sweet and odor remover (this is a sign of ketones is very high).

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Now after knowing what are the consequences of diabetes, tell us, do you have any of these symptoms recently? If the answer is yes we recommend that you consult a doctor immediately, for further information you can consult one of our doctors here.

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