What are the causes of neck pain head and in the back? And how it happens? With 9 ways to ensure treatment

The causes of neck pain, head, back many some of the starts of the neck and then climbs pain to the head and some on the contrary, the pain begins in the head and to the neck, each of them alone is sufficient, but you may meet with when you may not be able to move your neck at the same time the headache never leaves you.

What are the causes of neck pain head and in the back? How you can deal with them and avoid them in yet? How can you treat neck pain associated with headache and get rid of them once and for all? Here are all those details below.

Neck pain, head and back resulting from neck problems

أسباب آلام الرقبة والرأس من الخلف الناتجة عن مشاكل الرقبة

In the causes of neck pain and head from the back of this which starts from the neck and spread to the head is called a headache in which the headache is secondary to any of the headache is not associated with the earthquakes primary or a problem in the head directly.

Although dealing with neck problems, and treatment in this case is able to alleviate your headache significantly fast.

1 – headache neck

It is a pain usually begins in the pain of the ordinary in the neck and then ascends and spreads to the head over the entire length of the back of the head, and most often affects only one hand, and can spread and pain to the top of the head and face region surrounding the eye and the ear, the most important reasons that lead to access it are: disorders in the joints of the neck or its muscles or her nerves.

2 – neuralgia of the occipital

Think of the most important causes of neck pain and head from the back and features the post sharp like electric shocks in the area behind the neck, head, ear, and often have pain in one side, as to why it happens due to irritation of the occipital nerve or an injury certain.

3 – spasm of the muscles of the neck

As a result of the control incorrectly or sleep position uncomfortable for the neck can occur spasm or stiffness of muscles which are associated with the pain ranges from moderate to severe with difficulty in moving the head, and this pain can extend to up to the back of the head, usually decreases the pain with a heating neck.

The causes of neck pain, head and back resulting from problems of the head and headaches

أسباب آلام الرقبة والرأس من الخلف الناتجة عن مشاكل الرأس والصداع

Unlike the causes of neck pain and the head of the previous bugs they are considered to be headaches Essential can be a pain and to be up to the neck, although dealing with neck problems, and treatment in this case would not be able to alleviate your headache at all, but you can alleviate neck pain determining the type of headache you suffer from and deal with, the main types of headaches that are behind this situation are:

1 – tension headache

Tension headache is a headache ranging in intensity from moderate to severe, shit in the front and top of the head and behind him as he descends to the neck and can reach up to the shoulder, are generally happens when the muscles of the head and neck tension, often stress \ shock \ rage is the reason behind it.

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2 – migraine (sister)

A migraine is a headache common and affects one side of the head and can spread to the neck, ranging in intensity between the normal to the extreme and in general be a phrase that pain is like a pulse, and may be associated with other symptoms: nausea \ vomiting \ sensitive to the direction of the light \ the sensitivity direction of the sound, the neck pain may begin before a migraine attack or during the attack.

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3 – headache, articular temporomandibular \ TMJ

Headaches, articular temporomandibular is pain ranging in intensity between light to medium usually begins in the region of the TMJ and feel the ear pain spreads up the neck and cause muscle fatigue is not.

The most important factors and causes of neck pain, head and back resulting from this accident are: spasm in the muscles and ligaments in those dotted \ disorder of the TMJ \ problems of the teeth and molars \ extreme stress on the teeth TMJ can occur during sleep and are involuntary.

How do you determine the pain of the neck and head back together?

كيف تحدث آلام الرقبة والرأس من الخلف معًا؟

The mechanisms of pain and the different options explaining the link between pain neck and head back as follows:

1 – nuclear triple

In the nucleus of the Triangle of the neck happen to notice the fibers of the sensory nerves of the nerve and the Three Twins with the spinal nerves, the transfer signals of pain from the face and the top of the head, passing through the neck when it is to interpret these signals as pain from nerve three, my twins no pain comes from the polka dots different from the head and neck.

2 – the dura mater

The dura mater is a membrane covering the outer part of the brain, and that has a direct relationship with the head and detailed lace located at the intersection of each of the neck and head, and therefore pain in the neck and head with.

3 – the immune system

Believed that the immune system plays a role in neck pain and head from the back because in the event of exposure to shock is strong, the immune system responds by the release of factors that cause pain include: substance P – city laws (a type of peptide associated with the gene), these factors turn increases inflammation and the most important: cytokines – interleukin – necrosis of the rum in the blood, and this phenomenon stimulates the emergence of pain in the neck and head.

4 – blood vessels and brain tissue

Featuring some of the blood vessels and tissues in the brain as sensitive to pain, the most important are: the arteries \ sinus \ the dura mater and in particular the parts of them located at the base of the arteries of the dura \ cerebral arteries, particularly found in the base of the brain, so the inflammation, bloating and cramping in such a structure sensitivity can be of the most important causes of neck pain and head back

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The treatment of neck pain and the head of the cell mitigation

علاج آلام الرقبة والرأس من الخلف والتخفيف منها

The following are the most important treatments and methods through which they can guarantee to get rid of the pain of the neck and head from behind, mitigation and Prevention while continuing to assault her:

1 – apply light pressure

Can pressure is light on the head and face and behind the head and neck that works to relieve the pain especially in case of migraine or tension headache the reason for that, you can apply pressure depending on your fingertips or the palm of your hand, as you can wrap a towel or cloth around the head.

2 – treatment with heat (heating)

Sometimes the reason pain in the neck and head of the cell is contraction of blood vessels, this therapy can be thermal efficient, this is done through: rely on a hair dryer by low temperature – wetting the towel with warm water and then apply it on the neck, the heating area Duration 6 – 12 minutes and then take a break for two hours and you can repeat it after that.

3 – relying on ice cubes

Rely on the cooling works to reduce the blood flow and reduces muscle contractions and relieves inflammation and pain, so you can deal with the pain of the neck and head by passing a piece of ice softly from the top of the neck down to the bottom and repeat it about 5 – 10 minutes and then take a break of about two hours and then you can repeat the steps.

4 – make sure you put the sit and stand

Standing or sitting position is not comfortable or stay for hours working front of a computer monitor or on your desk, the status is not healthy and all of that will eventually lead to problems in neck and back pain stretching to reach the head.

From there head in case he was straight with the spine 4.5 kg but when tilted at an angle of 15 degrees only fit weight of 12 kg with the 45 degree angle becomes weighed 22 kg and you can imagine that gravity which is borne by the neck and the spine, so make sure to keep the head straight so that the ears align with the shoulders.

5 – get enough restful sleep

Follow a healthy sleeping routine is one of the main things that ensure a healthy life free from aches to some extent, there are many studies that prove the existence of a direct link between lack of sleep or increased sleeping hours and the incidence of the different types of headaches mainly tension headaches, and headaches that come from it can become worse, so make sure to sleep about 7 – 9 hours during the night.

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6. the test pad is for you

You have a pillow that supports your neck muscles and ensures comfort during the sleeping hours, and in truth there is no one pillow that can suit everyone so you must make sure to have your head and neck, and spine in a state of relaxation at the reception on the pillow when would be the right pillow.

7. work on reducing stress and pressure

You can do so by: organizing time, tasks and priorities – the reduction of anger, quick – to deal with the pressures and problems in a calm manner – regular exercise – meditation and relaxation – get rid of negative thoughts and anxiety – charging the soul with positive energy.

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8 – massage the neck, shoulders and head can be effective

Write down your the neck and head by applying a little pressure depending on your fingers behind your hands and put it up as a daily before bedtime about 5 minutes, it won’t guarantee just get rid of the pain of the head and neck but will give you a greater chance to get a restful and deep sleep.

9 – drink enough water

The drought and the transfer amount of water from the body is considered of the most important reasons that lead to headaches along with muscle aches, so make sure you drink enough (about two liters so as to be distributed throughout the day: when you wake up – before each meal – at work – when feeling overwhelmed).

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Over that causes the pain of the neck and head from behind with treatment methods the most effective, fastest, and didn’t keep them but be sure to apply it to get rid permanently from the pain of the neck and head in every time has ravaged you even restrict yourself of them.


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