What are the causes of dizziness?

Dizziness is a general term for loose, and during it describes the person feeling the difference with the feeling of lightness in the head with some confusion in the mind, may be described as poor confidence, and can we know it as a case of loss of a person’s equilibrium, or it the dizziness that affects the mission as a result of their exposure to fainting, feeling out the dear reader thinks something accidental, not a disease in itself, and feeling light-headed is not limited to the unbalance in the inner ear, and many of the causes of dizziness and the constant, which is the most common symptoms that are visiting doctors because of it.

What causes dizziness

There are several different causes results in a feeling of dizzy continuously, may be a description of these common causes are as follows:

ما أسباب الدوخة

  1. Due to a drop in sugar level in the blood.
  2. A decrease in blood pressure.
  3. Of the causes of dizziness disease losses.
  4. The occurrence of high blood pressure.
  5. Arrhythmia.
  6. Her stroke.
  7. Of the causes of dizziness also heart attacks.
  8. Cases bleeding large blood whether internal or external.
  9. Excessive development
  10. Of the causes of dizziness also loss of body fluids.
  11. Panic attacks.
  12. Disease freedom.
  13. Exposure to extreme can lead to feeling light-headed.
  14. Inflammation of the middle ear.
  15. In the event of a reduction in body temperature may result in dizziness.
  16. Development problems, such as anxiety or depression one of the causes of dizziness.
  17. Lack of sleep as well as fatigue.
  18. Some medical drugs have a side effect of dizziness like medications, sedatives, medicines, anti-depressant tricyclic, as well as the counter medications cases, anticonvulsants.
  19. Anemia or anaemia.
  20. Pregnancy is considered to be one of the causes of dizziness in women.
  21. The low percentage of oxygen in the blood.
  22. Pressure drop orthostatic.
  23. The intake of alcohol because it significantly affects the equilibrium.
  24. Incidence of anemia.
  25. Swelling of the auditory nerve which results from the balance of the body.
  26. Migraines or sister.
  27. Parkinson’s disease may be the cause of dizziness or even multiple sclerosis.
  28. Injuries in the head.
  29. Cases of acute infections within any organ of the body.

Based on several studies, proved that in the case of a person suffering from dizziness and constant without specifying the reason by the doctor, it may be caused by migraines or anxiety.

Can occur dizziness due to inflammation of the inner ear, which may occur due to inflammation of the nerve responsible for the process of balance of the body, next to the dizziness you may feel some nausea and dizziness.

What are the causes of sudden dizziness

What are the reasons for dizziness sudden? Sudden dizziness include migraines as well as taking certain medications medical with excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, may have dizziness as a result of a health problem in the inner ear, where balance regulation, and other diverse causes dizziness sudden dear reader, it causes dizziness known what comes up:

أسباب الدوخة المفاجئة

One of the first known causes of dizziness sudden is the rotor or the so-called Dizzy kindness and good offices, and dizziness short-term when the person says some of the changes in the conditions of war in the body quickly, such as sit on bed or lie down sudden, or even stand up quickly when he is asleep.

Potential causes of sudden dizziness is a tumor auditory neuropathy, which is a tumors are not cancerous are formed on the nerve that doing my job, connecting the inner ear with the brain, as well as Meniere’s disease may cause feeling dizzy, this happens in the case of accumulation of fluid inside the ear with the effect on the sky, and hear the ringing in the ear.

And months causes of sudden dizziness:

  • The sudden drop in pressure Information blood.
  • Account in the heart muscle.
  • Disorders of the heart.
  • A decrease in blood volume.
  • Anemia.
  • Low sugar in the blood.
  • Ear infection of the causes of sudden dizziness.
  • The blows of the sun.
  • Over-exercise.
  • Motion sickness.
  • In rare cases the occurrence of dizziness, multiple sclerosis, strokes.
  • Malignant tumors or cerebrovascular disorders.

What causes dizziness in women

The causes of dizziness are not specific or can learn them easily, and causes dizziness in women, what comes up:

أسباب الدوخة عند النساء

  • One of the causes of dizziness in women is an imbalance in the ear, and he says the process of keeping balance in the human body significantly.
  • Dizziness may affect some mental disorders that had beset them of women, they are diverse and different according to each need according to the type of disorder, but it causes dizziness too.
  • Diseases of the spine in the body and its problems, and the causes that lead to dizziness as a result of the spine, that when he communicates with the brain by the arteries which exist within the cartilage, the women are some of the beliefs that affect you without to know its effect, then end up feeling light-headed.
  • Pregnancy, one of the reasons that results in dizziness, particularly in the first months of pregnancy in ladies, and this is all due to the expansion of blood vessels in the body, and landing in the blood pressure as a result of the influence of the hormone progesterone.
  • Follow some regulations such as the bathroom the wrong food at diet weight loss without consult a doctor or go to the medical centre, as well as the lack of attention to eat foods proper, which is what produces the sensation of light-headed, dear reader, have ladies.
  • Tiredness and fatigue in women specifically, tiredness and fatigue in general.
  • Readers through travel, or when riding a vehicle, or sit on the rear seats in the car when traveling long distances.
  • Intake of some materials or products which harm your body and health adversely, such as the case of damage to the blood circulation, it is the most prominent of these substances that cause this caffeine, nicotine, and add the file, one of the reasons that lead to feeling light-headed when you ladies.
  • Sudden movements and rapid, resulting in a certain feeling light-headed.
  • Sit for a long time either computers or TV, these cases are produces with some persons feeling light-headed greatly.

Dear reader. Now you may know all the details concerning the causes of dizziness.. details and more information us this link..

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