What are the causes of bulging lymph nodes in the neck?


We will continue with you through this Holy Week bulging lymph nodes in the neck through the website idea Fekera.com, are the swollen lymph nodes from taking things that are afraid of people thinking that they indicate the existence of is dangerous and the basic role played by these glands in the protection of our bodies and defend it, so we’ll stop today on the reasons that lead to any utilization of the lymph nodes in the neck in the next lines.

Lymph nodes (lymph glands) :

Lymph nodes or as defined by the mission of the lymph are cells within the immune system in the body which play the role of filters in the sense that they’re going to lure any foreign body from viruses and bacteria etc. to destroy before the events of infection to humans.

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The whereabouts of lymphatic glands :-

When we mention the name of the lymph nodes has crossed my mind that these cells exist only in the neck only, but these cells are present in many places around, including :

  • First guide in the front and rear and on the side of my neck.
  • The area behind the ears.
  • The bottom of the chin.
  • The bottom of the armpit.
  • In the area of the chest and abdomen.
  • Found in the pubic area.

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The reasons for swelling and swelling of the lymph nodes :-

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • SLE
  • Patients arcuate the
  • Some STDs, such as syphilis.
  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV “AIDS”.

Week bulging lymph nodes in the neck :-

There are many reasons that lead to the occurrence of a bulge in the lymph nodes in the neck and that the reasons do not indicate is dangerous, but simple things can be processed easily, so that most of the causes are due to viral infection and take a course in the human body and that the state ranging from 10-14 days to feel human and then returns the lymph nodes in the neck to normal as it was before and the reasons that will cause a bulge in the neck are :

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Sore throat :-

  • Sore throat bacteria that would cause bulging of the lymph nodes in the neck.
  • It is possible to have a sore throat accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils Vickers include lymph nodes in the neck the biggest.

Inflammation of the ear :-

  • Associated with inflammation of the ear inflammation of the throat usually, when the occurrence of infections in the ear and left her and the cause of an ear infection inside it was neglected for a period of time you’ll find that the lymph nodes have become inflation and bloating.
  • To the human after the pain in the throat, ear, lymph nodes located in the neck behind the ear.

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Cold and flu remedies :-

  • Cold and influenza are diseases caused by a viral infection, when the virus attacks the human body strengthens the immune system producing antibodies to attack the viral infection, which causes enlarged and swollen lymph glands.
  • After that take the viral infection cycle, ranging in duration from 5-7 days and then will disappear the symptoms of colds and flu permanently and the lymph nodes in the neck to print them it is possible to be delayed another period after that until back to normal.
  • But if the lymph nodes period available swollen you’ll have to head to the nearest doctor.

Inflammation of the teeth :-

  • If she was suffering from inflammation and soreness in the teeth area remained constant ache will spread from the tooth to the gums and surrounding, causing the occurrence of swelling and swelling of the lymph glands under the jaw.
  • In this case, requires going to the doctor to address the problem before the symptoms worsen.

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Dear leaders, we hope that we may have given you the clarification and distinctive of all the information belonging to the weeks bulging lymph nodes in the neck and we are ready to receive your comments and inquiries and quickly respond to them.

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