What are the benefits of walking for pregnant in the ninth month

ما هي فوائد المشي للحامل في الشهر التاسع

ما هي فوائد المشي للحامل في الشهر التاسع

Wonder many women what are the benefits of walking for pregnant in the ninth month should have been the case walking and other aerobic exercise regularly? So keep with us dear readers the following article to learn the answers to these questions.

The for pregnant in the ninth month

Recommended doctors usually exercise aerobic exercise is moderate during pregnancy because it has many health benefits for pregnant, help to promote a healthy pregnancy and protect the health of the fetus and its mandate more easily.

Walking is the best exercise that exercise is recommended during pregnancy because it is the best moderate exercise that does not make the situation feel tired, besides it is of easy exercise that can be included readily in daily life, as exercise can easily walk with one of your friends or relatives.

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What are the benefits of walking for pregnant in month nine?

There are many reviews that indicate that the at the end of pregnancy can help to accelerate the birth and labor andnatural childbirth, because the help move the baby down the cervix, and thus helps compress the baby’s head on the cervix to stimulate the secretion of the hormone oxytocin which helps to stimulate contractions of the uterus and facilitate birth.

Also, in all cases, if it doesn’t help to walk on the descent of the child to the bottom of it will help to improve the situation of the child, which helps to stimulate natural childbirth is better, but you should not over-exercise the fatigue of your body significantly in the periods of pregnancy and last, so you must exercise moderately simple, or depending on the guidance of the specialist physician.

The benefits of walking during pregnancy

Walking is the exercise that exercise is recommended throughout pregnancy and not just during the ninth month, because not many health benefits, including the following:

  • To reduce back pain.
  • Easing constipation.
  • Reduce puffiness and swelling.
  • Help to sleep better.
  • Prevent weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • To reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Enhance muscle strength and prepared for the childbirth.
  • Reduce the risk to undergo to a cesarean section.

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What is the duration of walking during pregnancy?

After knowing what are the benefits of walking for pregnant in the ninth month you should find out what cities are permitted to exercise the where experts advise to begin about 15 minutes just three times a week.

Then you can gradually increase the time and walk faster for 30 minutes four or more times per week, but with the need to stop or slow down when feeling overwhelmed or tired.

Exercise is another helpful during pregnancy

To the side of the Can was the case a number of exercises other sports include some of the following:

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Important tips when walking to deal

You must follow some important tips when walking during pregnancy to maintain your health and the health of her unborn child, include the following:

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Wear loose clothing and comfortable bra comfortable sports.
  • Drinking plenty of water and keep hydrated.
  • Eat a light meal before walking gives you more energy.
  • Use sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Choose the right place for where you must practice walking on a level surface to avoid any injuries or additional effort.

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In the end, dear readers, after we have explained to you what are the benefits of walking for pregnant in the ninth month of the most important tips when walking, the hope that we have answered to all your questions on this subject and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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