What are the benefits of love cress and what a hit it and dosage occasion?

The elements of the decision

We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information is for love of cress and what are its benefits and hit it, that’s where the benefits of the love of cress are many and diverse but at the same time does not fit with all ages, love cress and which is called scientifically ( Lepidium sativum ) Think of the plants that continue their growth until it reaches a height of about 80 cm, and this plant one of the plants known since ancient times its benefits and also uses many, but the most parts are known of this plant are its seeds as the oil is used in many medical conditions and health, and through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore the benefits of the love of cress and what are the uses of the various as we also hit it and what is the proper dosage of it, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

حب الرشاد معروف منذ العصور القديمةLove Cress known since ancient times

The benefits of the love of Cress

Love Cress known to have many benefits but not yet discovered all the benefits for the love of al-Rashad, therefore we’ll show you the benefits that have been identified so far and these benefits are as follows :

1. the love of cress on the types of vitamins ( A), ( B), ( E ).
2 – for the love of Cress’s ability to treat a range of ailments plus infections that infect the respiratory tract.
3. Love cress as well to combat high blood pressure.
4 – the love of Cress regulates the sugar rate in the blood.
5 – helps, too, love Cress in the treatment of some skin diseases.
6 – Love Cress of natural laxatives.
7 – used to love Cress For the regulation of the menstrual cycle for women.
8 – also features the love of Cress features a high proportion of iron as well as folic acid.
9. in possessed the love of Cress anti-bacterial properties.

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حب الرشاد له العديد من الفوائدLove Cress has many benefits

Damage love Cress

There are a range of side effects that might appear when you use the love of cress, and this damage consists in the following :

1. the affect of the love of cress on a case where I love Cress may cause volatility wanted in many parts of the body including the uterus this is what causes a risk to the fetus.
2. low blood sugar as we mentioned Van love Cress works to regulate the rates of sugar in the blood but in the case of the patient by breathing medication in this situation may be for the love of Cress detrimental effect.
3. lower blood pressure and for people who are suffering in the origin of problems or diseases blood pressure.
4 – it is very important in the case of proceedings any surgery refrain from the use of the love of Cress before the operation two weeks at least to avoid injury down the blood pressure.
5 – may cause love Cress in injury diseases of the thyroid gland for people suffering of insufficiency of the thyroid gland.
6. low level of potassium in the body so that the love of Cress plants diuretic and therefore are taking out a large amount of potassium due to frequent urination.

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في حالة اهمال تحديد الجرعة الخاصة بحب الرشاد قد يسبب اضرارIn the case of neglect to determine the dose of love Cress may cause damage

The appropriate dosage for the love of Cress

There are a range of factors that control the dosage recommended from the love of cress, and these factors are as follows :

1 – the age of the person.
2 – the state of his health.
3 – sex.

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We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmacy information is for love of Cress, the love of Cress known for its benefits multiple since ancient times where I don’t many uses that make it of plants as possible, it contains many vitamins as he treats ailments of the skin as well as works on lowering blood pressure and other benefits of the other, and at the same time you should determine the proper dosage of it based on the sex of the person and his state of health because neglecting this issue may cause damage behind the use of the love of Cress such as low blood sugar level and also injury diseases of the thyroid gland, So it is very important to determine the appropriate dose of the love of Cress before use ……………. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics related to information about the different plants through the website of the pharmacy.

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