What are the benefits of drinking the anise man do?

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Peace be with you.. I want to ask the Dr. about the benefits of drinking anise man do , because my friend advised me to drink anise daily to increase fat-burning, is this true? Does it help me to anise on the slimming?

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Many people resort to drinking anise in dieting because of beverages with a very low calorie, so when you drink it without sweeten, as desired for weight loss drink plenty of water and fluids, so it is considered an important source of fluid without adding more calories to the body.

The truth is that a lot of people believe the ability of anise on slimming, as well as get rid of the rumen, but there is still a need for more evidence and scientific studies confirm this subject.

But in any case, the anise drinks that help facilitate digestion, reduce abdominal gas and bloating, so it is of health drinks that can be taken along with follow a proper diet, and exercise.

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