What are the benefits of cinnamon for diabetics

ما هي فوائد القرفة لمرضى السكري

ما هي فوائد القرفة لمرضى السكري

There are many questions that are posed by diabetic patients, and it is within these questions What are the benefits of cinnamon for diabetes patients? Where to feed the diabetic patient is important, and it’s good to sprinkle cinnamon on your food, but if you are hoping to help you control diabetes, you may want to temporarily stop before heading to the spice rack, so dear reader, continued with us this article.

Is cinnamon safe for diabetes patients?

  • It is not yet clear if cinnamon is good for diabetes, where research results are mixed, and the American Diabetes Association the use of cinnamon in treating diabetes.
  • If you do not have liver problems, you should enjoy it in the dining room, but if you suffer from liver problems, be careful, because the consumption of large amounts of cinnamon may increase her worse.
  • If you are considering taking supplements of cinnamon, consult your doctor first, especially if you are taking any medication.
  • Unlike medications, the makers of dietary supplements to prove that their products are safe or effective, but the FDA pulled from the market if proven to be unsafe.

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What are the benefits of cinnamon for diabetes patients?

  • The results of a study published in the journal Diabetes Care in 2003 suggest that cinnamon improve blood sugar levels, and cholesterol in people with Type 2 diabetes, and may reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes andheart disease and blood vessels.
  • I found another study published in the July issue 2000 of the Journal of agricultural research that eating 1 grams of cinnamon a day can increases the sensitivity of insulin and helps in controlling type 2 diabetes.
  • In addition, the analysis showed the latest was published in 2007 in the American Journal of treatment to 6 grams of cinnamon slows down the emptying of the stomach significantly reduces the rise of blood sugar after eating.
  • Allegedly many health experts that cinnamon contains properties beneficial to regulate blood sugar and treat Type 2 diabetes.
  • However, keep in mind that shit like many of the natural compounds have not been approved medically for the Prevention of any disease or its treatment.
  • You may connect several small studies between cinnamon and blood sugar levels better, where you found that cinnamon can help improve blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity, “reducing insulin resistance“.
  • In one study, intake of volunteers from 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon for 40 days, the researchers found that cinnamon reduced blood cholesterol about 18% and blood sugar levels by 24%.

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What are the health benefits of cinnamon are?

What are the benefits of cinnamon for diabetes patients? And those benefits are limited to patients with diabetes only? Of course not, eww numerous benefits to ones health:

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In the end, dear reader, you don’t have to rely on shit or none of the dietary supplements only under the supervision of a doctor, and if you have any question you can consult one of our doctors here.

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