What are the benefits of anise on the irrigation water?

فوائد اليانسون على الريق

فوائد اليانسون على الريق

Do you know the importance of drink anise? Some prefer to eat it on an empty stomach.. affiliated with us dear reader the following article to know the benefits of anise on an empty stomach and the health benefits are amazing anise, which will make you drink it constantly.

Anise plant

This plant is considered from the family of plants that have their origin in the eastern Mediterranean, and the flavor resembles some other spices, such as fennel andlicorice, it has been grown in Egypt since about 4000 years.

Is used seeds, leaves and roots of anise plant for the manufacture of the drug and anise, and its use in the treatment of many health conditions, and because it contains many important nutrients.

Contains anise on large quantities of metal iron, also contains other minerals important for the body such as calcium, phosphorus, the potassium, the magnesium and other essential minerals, it also contains other important components such as carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

For these reasons there are many health benefits to this amazing wonderful drink taste good, so we’ll show you the benefits of anise on irrigation and the importance of eating constantly for your health.

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Benefits of anise on an empty stomach

Anise herbs useful for the health of the body, and contains many important nutrients, and you can get the benefits of anise when taken generally, but in regards to taking it on an empty stomach, there is nothing to confirm or deny the benefits that some claim its existence, but on an empty stomach as some may recall, but certainly you can get benefits also when you eat at any time of the day, and the benefits are the following:

Reduce symptoms of depression

Some research has shown that anise seeds may help to treat symptoms of depression, which is a common condition that affects up to 25% of women and 12% of men all over the world.

Proved another study that eating 3 grams of anise seeds powder three times a day is effective in reducing the symptoms of postpartum depression, as it was common to use it as a drug therapist for depression.

Protection from gastric ulcer

Formed a stomach ulcer painful in the lining of the stomach, and cause indigestion nausea burning in chest and is treated by conventional treatments reduce the production of stomach acid, but also research has shown that anise seeds can help to prevent ulcers and relieve symptoms.

Prevention of bacteria and fungi

Some studies have shown that anise seeds have the characteristics of strong anti-microbial properties inhibit infection, inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus, including skin fungus that cause some skin diseases, which is one of the benefits of anise on an empty stomach.

Relieve the symptoms of menopause

End of menopause from the lower reproductive hormones for women in old age, leading to the emergence of some symptoms such as hot flashes and fatigue.

There is a belief that the seeds of anise mimic the effect of estrogen in the woman’s body, which helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause, but although the results are effective, however, there is still a need for more studies on this subject.

Modify sugar levels in the blood

Some research indicates that there is an active member of the anise-called into, which keeps the blood sugar levels along with diet modification.

There is a need for more studies and research to look at the benefits of anise on an empty stomach to restore the balance of sugar levels in the blood by a great.

Reduce inflammation

Think inflammation is a normal response of the immune system for protection against injuries and infection, however high levels of inflammation and long-term needs of the chronic, such as heart disease and cancer.

Some research indicates that the anise seeds are rich in antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation, and prevent damage to the oxidized causative.

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The benefits of anise to other irrigation

Include some of the benefits of anise to other irrigation that require further evidence and research the following:

  • The treatment of cough.
  • Relieve the symptoms of asthma.
  • Relieve spasms.
  • The treatment of constipation.
  • Treatment of the skin, such as scabies and psoriasis.
  • Treatment of head lice.
  • To increase milk of the mother during breastfeeding.

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In the end, after we have explained to you dear reader the benefits of anise on an empty stomach, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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