Weight loss of five kilos in a week

تخسيس الوزن خمسة كيلوغرامات في أسبوع

تخسيس الوزن خمسة كيلوغرامات في أسبوع

Some suffer from overweight significantly causing them to war, and a lot of people for food regulations that doesn’t take a lot of time to show result but it is extremely stressful and cause them complications or resort to some exercise of cruel, stressful, and to overcome this problem there are many diets that contain everything the body needs, know how to weight loss of five kilos in a week through this article.

How to weight loss of five kilos in a week

Reducing calorie intake

Cutting calories is the key to weight loss the amount of calories burned in a day depends on:

  • Work.
  • The weight of the body.
  • The level of activity.

If you target people less calories per day than the body uses you’ll lose weight, and people follow a low calorie diet, most nutritionists not to eat the person less than 1200 calories per day when trying to lose weight.

Avoid fast foods

Fast foods contain high calories and will make you feel full and also think high carbohydrates and high salt content, and includes examples of junk food include:

  • Sweets.
  • Baked goods.
  • Snacks.

Intake of proteins

Help protein, non fat on the muscle building also helps a person feel full after eating this may mean that people ate fewer calories during the meal as a result of the company the company may be able to get rid of some carbohydrates is necessary which may lead to weight loss.

Exercise cardio

Cardio high-intensity is effective in weight loss, a method for combining periods of exercise, intense rest periods, one study found that people who practice HIIT cardio three times a week, they lose a lot of weight, before starting any exercise cardio people should see a doctor because it is an intense workout is suitable for everyone, and that you know a weight loss of five kilos in a week know on some tips to lose weight fast.

Some tips to lose weight fast

Eating a lot of fiber

Can work diet contains fiber to increase the feeling of fullness, which may lead to weight loss, include foods rich in fiber breakfast cereals of whole grain pasta made of whole wheat bread, whole grain, oats, barley, fruits and vegetables such as peas, beans, legumes and nuts.

Good sleep

Many studies have shown that getting less than 5-6 hours of sleep per night is associated with increased incidence of obesity, affecting the cities that sleep the person also to regulate hormones and control appetite, leptin andghrelin, and leptin is responsible for sending signals of satiety to the brain.

Get away from the stress

Stress leads to the release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which reduce appetite, and encourages cortisol to the need to replenish body stores food of carbohydrates, then insulin transports the sugar from the blood to the muscles and brain if the individual uses this sugar in the war and sent the body almost, and then to know on weight loss of five kilos in a week and some tips to lose weight fast also know the foods that help with weight loss.

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Foods that help to lose weight

  • Chickpeas: chickpeas are rich in proteins and fiber in addition to antioxidants and reinforced the organization and minerals that burn fat.
  • Peas: need a cup of peas 8 grams of protein and main nutrients that reduce puffiness.
  • Sweet potatoes: sweet potatoes are low in calories and rich Bbeta-carotene , potassium and characteristics rich in minerals and fiber make it useful for weight loss.
  • Citrus: helps potassium in citrus fruits to combat puffiness, while the antioxidants inflammation associated with storage of abdominal fat.

Now dear reader, after having suffered a weight loss of five kilos in a week should be aware that you must relieve gradual weight lack of urgency in the descent of the weight fast what has been gained over the years can not be decreased in the days and at the end of this article we wish you continued health and wellness.

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