Weeks the presence of water in the fallopian tubes

Having water in the fallopian tube via the site of Arab Health Looking many of the ladies on the causes of delayed childbearing for a long time and after the examination when a doctor of gynecology and obstetrics, finds its suffering from a blockage in the channel law, and therefore is the direct cause of the lack of procreation, where the fallopian tubes are the connecting link between the ovum and the uterus , and without them can not pass the fertilized egg to the uterus and therefore no pregnancy.


Having water in the fallopian tubes

The fallopian tube is a tube that connects the uterine wall and the egg, it is through which passes the sperm and fertilize the egg then the egg begins its journey towards the uterine wall, perhaps the most important reasons for having water in the fallopian tube are the following:

  • Perform some surgical operations in the area of the lower abdomen, such as appendicitis or caesarean section.
  • Having a collection of pus known as hematomas add Pyosalpinyx.
  • The appearance of the pool water like fluid of the mucous viscous and saying problem water Hydrosalpinx.
  • Injury to the fallopian tubes some severe infections.
  • You may be infected the uterus or fallopian tubes during sexual contact of some diseases of viral or bacterial which may cause gonorrhea and chlamydia.
  • Infection of the uterus in endometriosis which may cause recurrent miscarriage.

Symptoms of having water in the fallopian tubes

Although many doctors emphasized the lack of noticeable symptoms indicative of obstruction of the fallopian tubes, but it is common the appearance of some of these symptoms including:

  • Think late pregnancy more than normal is a sign of a fundamental obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
  • Women’s feeling of displacement of large amounts of vaginal secretions.
  • Perpetual suffering from severe pain in the lower abdomen, especially during menstruation or during intercourse.

Treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes medicines

After the disclosure on the work of the necessary tests, discover the pathological condition on the existence of a blockage in the fallopian tubes, doctors to the easiest and safest option is surgery, but in case there is an obstruction of a slight doctors prefer the option of treatment with medication are to:

  • The doctor prescribes some medicines, anabolic steroid the egg has, so helps to stimulate the egg and revitalization.
  • Some fertility drugs to improve chances of pregnancy.
  • Recommended to take some anti-bacteria and inflammation in cases of infection.
  • Committee to work laser surgery to remove the blockage of the cervix, this procedure results very special.

Treatment of distention of the fallopian tubes herbal

Ranging from the proportion of women who have infertility or delay in childbearing due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes is 25-30 %, and so women resort to herbal remedies instead of medicines, the most important of these herbs are the following:

Ginger for the treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes

  • Ginger contains the anti-inflammatory, which contributes to the relationship problems of the cervix and vagina.
  • Preferred intake of 2-3 cups a day of ginger ale domestic violence.
  • Can add fresh ginger or the powder to some foods, such as salads and various foods.

Turmeric for the treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes

  • Contains turmeric on the substance curcumin , which are characterized by their ability to treat infections located in the pelvis or the fallopian tubes.
  • Prefer not to visit the specified dose is about 8 grams per day.
  • It is possible to add turmeric to many foods rich in elements important.
  • Drink turmeric the famous milk warm domestic work White.

You with having water in the fallopian tube and we greeted all inquiries about the diseases of women by commenting below the article.

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