Weeks puffiness under the eye and effective ways to treat it

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We show you today through the site pharmacy information on the causes of puffiness under the eye the most important symptoms that clearly his method of preventing it, the plants under the eye don’t several reasons it can be display the result of some diseases that are infected by the body or as a result of sensitivity to excessive work cause inflammation and redness of the pupil of the eye and the eyelids, they are observed as soon as looking at the face and the care and attention by going to the doctor and find out the reasons that lead to it, but should not be neglected so you don’t get eye problems more than that or be eye more prone to losing sight, And through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore more on the problems of bulging eyes and how they can be prevented, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that you’d like to support.

اهمال الانتفاخ تحت العين قد يؤدي الى فقدان البصرIgnore the puffiness under the eye may lead to vision loss

The reasons for the appearance of puffiness under the eyes

There are a bunch of causes that lead to infection and swollen eye, and these reasons are summarized as follows :

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1 – a bulging eye is often associated to some diseases and have a resulting sometimes be normal.

2. the bulging eyes can be caused by allergies or excessive bacteria work air or eating certain foods that help increase sensitivity to sex or also use some tools Cosmetic on the eyelids and eyes and wear contact lenses for a long time.

3 – shows the bulging of the eyes upon exposure to cry severe or when the incidence of certain diseases such as high blood pressure or kidney disease increase the proportion of salts in bulk and also when exposed to common cold or as a result of disorder with the thyroid is responsible for hormones in the body which is the middle lot.
Between people.

4 – sometimes, this uprising caused by hereditary factors or appears when the progress of the work due to the body or to increase the proportion of body fat accumulation around the eyes.

5. can human get infected swollen eye due to some wrong habits like watching television, mobile phone, and other habits such as excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking.

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انتفاخ تحت العين قد يكون دليل على مرض معين و يمكن ان يكون طبيعياPuffiness under the eyes may be an indication of a particular disease and can be normal.

Symptoms of swollen eyes

There’s a group of symptoms that indicate the injury and swelling of the eyes, and these symptoms are as follows:

1 – distention and swelling of noticeable eyelid eyes.

2 – redness of the pupil and the Horn of the eye from the inside .

3 – the inability to open the eyes and their.

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ارشادات من اجل علاج انتفاخ تحت العين والوقاية منهGuidelines for the treatment of puffiness under the eye and Prevention

Methods of treatment and Prevention of bulging of the eyes

There are a total of methods that can be followed for treating eye puffiness, this means consists in two basic methods in the treatment of bulging of the eyes by following the instructions and methods of preventive and also by some natural hedge, as follows :

1 – Follow some instructions and tips in addressing the bulging eyes by moving away from the reasons mentioned previously and to ways to solve and face the diseases that cause it and the use of medicines Preventive of allergies such as antihistamines.

2-follow some recipes of natural soothe puffiness under the eyes, such as the use of compresses warm tea bags and boiling water and put it to utilize directly for at least a quarter of an hour twice a day where that person has a strong effect to address inflammation.

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3 – the use of cold water by putting a cat in cold water then left it for a few minutes on the eye.

4. put slices of cucumber after leaving the inside of the cooling and put it to utilize for a quarter of an hour and repeated three times a day.

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We have provided you through our website pharmacy important information about one of the most important problems to many people is the problem of bulging of the eyes, where the eyes are considered the most enemies of sensitivity in the human body it is very important not to ignore any problems we feel in the eye must be processed immediately without any delay to prevent any complications might make it worse………….. We hope that this information has served you and earned your satisfaction and look out for more topics related to medical problems and health and how it can be treated and prevented through the website of the pharmacy.

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