Weeks numbness of comfort and casual and how they can be prevented

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We show you today through the site pharmacy information on the how to cure numbness of the head, the most obvious symptoms not the causes of the emergence of it, so the file head of things common when most people are infected a lot of people due to many reasons such as the presence of some diseases, hunger and possible to happen as a result of some of the movements wrong, which it does by the mission through verification or a tightening and inflammation of the nerves and pressure and other reasons, we will explain to you in detail, but we’ll get to the concept of numbness in general diversity is lost the car on the part of the infected body tingling with the sense of some acupuncture and within the affected area tingling, and Given the prevalence of infection tingling in head you will learn the top causes and treatment it one the head, through the website of the pharmacy, expect to recover from this information we wish to sleep like it.

اسباب الاصابة بالتنميل في الرأسWeek injury tingling in the head

The causes of injury per head

There are a bunch of causes that lead to infection per head, and these reasons are summarized as follows :

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1 – from the common causes the occurrence of numbness in the head is the presence of pressure on the nerves located in the head causing pain and tingling as a result of pressure and inflammation.

2 – the lack of cavitation within the body especially vitamin B12.

3. do not pump blood normally to the head and this prevents the blood properly to the scalp and causes in the occurrence of numbness.

4. some of the psychological pressures that affect human awareness in general may result in the occurrence of numbness in the head.

5 – the existence of some problems in the neck that causes pressure on some nerve there by the presence of compression of the spinal cord also affect the head to get tingling.

6 – with regard to smokers and those who drink large amounts of alcohol to the tingling in the head.

7. high ratio of some minerals in the body from the picture of natural leads to numbness of the head, such as potassium, sodium, and calcium.

8 – equivalent to some diabetic patients also of numbness in the head.

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عدم الشعور بالجزء المصاب بالتنميل من اهم علامات تنميل الرأسNot feeling in the Egyptian army, tingling of the most important signs of numbness of the head

Symptoms of one the head

There are symptoms to explain the presence of numbness in the head, these symptoms are summarized as follows :

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1 – lack of feeling within the affected area tingling.
2 – feeling also in this area and sustain the scalp .
3 – can the patient feels tingling took one side of the head right or left .
4 – can be extended twitching to the whole head, neck, and tongue.

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نصائح للوقاية من تنميل الرأسTips for the Prevention of numbness of the head

Methods of treatment and Prevention of numbness in the head.

There are a variety of means that can be followed for treatment of numbness in the head or the Prevention of them, that means you receive the following :

1 – you must know the reasons, study them well and use the correct methods to get rid of them by the doctor to help get rid of numbness of the head.

2. eat foods rich been that the body needs such as foods containing vitamin B12 or to take her by medicines.

3 – Stay away from the surrounding environment of tension and anxiety so you don’t get tingling in the head.

4 – Take-Off and avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages that cause it.

5 – some medications of the patient for other diseases that may lead to the occurrence of numbness in the head as a side effect so you should avoid it and stop its use and consult a doctor .

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6 – detection on some nerves and reassurance on the lack of pressure on the neck and spinal cord.

7. do not sit in the curved neck for a long time to not overwork the nerves and muscles found in the neck.

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We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmaceutical information about the symptoms, causes and methods of treatment and how to prevent it from injury, per head, where you must pay attention to our health and to consult a doctor upon the appearance of these symptoms to avoid infection one head, so the adjustment of the head may have many causes. as we have mentioned through this thread, so we should try on our health because prevention is better than cure and our health is the crown of our heads, and in the end, we hope that this information has reported you and got you like it and stay tuned for more health problems are different and how to treat them through the website of the pharmacy.

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