Ways to whiten teeth

طرق لتبييض الأسنان

طرق لتبييض الأسنان

Have you lost the whiteness of your teeth due to stains gray or yellow? Teeth stained can occur as we age, so dear reader, follow us this article to learn ways to whiten teeth that can live you your smile bright.

Ways to whiten teeth at home

  • Some people still prefer home treatment, such as: baking soda and rinse your mouth with oils.
  • Some foods such as: celery, apple, carrot caused a lot of saliva, which helps get rid of leftover food on your teeth.
  • Chewing sugarless gum, also leads to the secretion of saliva which in turn is equivalent to the effect of acids that cause tooth decay.

What causes pigmentation of the teeth?

  • Some foods and beverages that contribute significantly in the appearance of tooth stains such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and dark fruit juices, these stains develop slowly and become more pronounced as we age.
  • While all sweetened drinks are harmful to teeth, some energy drinks, sports may be the worst, according to a study in General Dentistry, researchers found that these drinks as well as lemon juice packed in bottles, may lead to erosion of tooth enamel over the long term.
  • Foods such as blueberries and raspberries and beets left color on the tooth also.
  • Medications such as tetracycline cause teeth appear gray when the children who still have their teeth grow.
  • Antibacterial mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine can change the color of your teeth also.
  • Some antihistamines, medicines, anti psychotic, blood pressure medications.
  • Iron and fluoride excess.

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Ways to whiten your teeth by following healthy habits

  • Wash the teeth immediately after eating.
  • Rinse mouth with water.
  • Do not bring these drinks for a long time.
  • Refrain from smoking as it not only harms public health, but has an essential role in the yellowing of teeth andperiodontal disease.
  • Teeth brushing at least twice daily.
  • May be an electric toothbrush superior to a conventional toothbrush in removing surface stains on the teeth.
  • Use floss, and use antiseptic mouthwash daily.
  • Containing a set teeth whitening at home peroxide carry, which is a bleach and can remove stains deep and superficial, you can put the paste composed of the peroxide (brush small) on your teeth for 30 to 45 minutes for a week or more.
  • Help strips teeth whitening get rid of stains the teeth, these strips are very thin and invisible and covered with a next-generation whitening ingredient from the peroxide, arrange them for a few minutes a day for a week or more, and for at least a year.
  • Quote of the teeth with caution if you have a lot of dental bridges andfillings andcrowns.
  • See your dentist for regular checkups and cleaning professional.

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The latest ways to whiten teeth

  • Veneers a veneer on a tooth made of porcelain is tooth-colored is specially designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance, it is placed on the teeth from the front and get white teeth.
  • Can manufacture dental veneer of porcelain or composite materials of resin, porcelain veneer resists stains better from the peel of the resin and is more similar to the color of natural teeth.
  • Teeth whitening laser but before that I must say the dentist cleaning the removal of plaque from the teeth, when cleaning the teeth well, your dentist will then place a generation made up of peroxide on the teeth for a few minutes, while the military remains on the teeth, the laser beam is directed towards the teeth clean and strengthen the capacity of whiten the generation of peroxide, it takes about an hour from start to finish, you will amazed at the results.

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In the end, dear reader, you should apply the home remedies, but do not overload in use to avoid adverse impact, and if you have any question about the health of your teeth, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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