Ways to quit smoking

وسائل الإقلاع عن التدخين

وسائل الإقلاع عن التدخين

Know means to quit smoking than the things that may help in quitting smoking, in this article learn the ways to quit smoking, and nicotine substitutes, and some tips to complete the boot process properly.


There are many alternatives that may be used by headquarters to stop smoking, as an alternative to the nicotine including:

Nicotine patches

Think nicotine patches from a means to quit smoking , you can get them through pharmacies, and to deliver low doses of nicotine through the skin, so as to minimize the cravings you have.

As for you, the report you linked to reduce the dose used in all the adhesive one day even be easy for you to abstain from nicotine.

Nicotine gum

Usually quitting the nicotine taken by mouth difficult, care about the smoking itself. The gum is the same adhesive of The provide nicotine in the body through the mouth, and the kissing gradually, but unlike adhesives, the gum leaves the mouth accompanied by a drink in the gums.

Tablet absorption for the

Is one of the ways to quit smoking , this drives short-acting, and without a doctor’s prescription, you can eat 20 of them a day for the desire to smoke.


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Methods to quit smoking other

  • Contact the prescription: the same effect contact non-prescription, but it gets just from the doctor, and the use of large amounts of unauthorized.

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Tips to quit smoking

Knowing the cause of the take-off

In order to be ready to quit smoking, there must be a strong reason and personally to boot. The reason may be the desire to protect the family from secondhand smoke, or the desire for personal protection, and reduce the chances of contracting lung diseases, cancer of the lung, diseases of the heart, or the desire to appear good and the smaller the age, where he is smoking the idea to look older than our appearance.

Know more about the medication prescribed to you

Sometimes your doctor prescribes certain medications to help you in the process of quitting smoking, some of them help curb the urge to smoke and the car on it, others when eaten makes you when you drink in the smoke any cigarettes makes it less satisfying compared to the impact of the previous.

And other drugs prescribed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, or some other problems with smoking. Talk with your doctor about this.

Give yourself a break.

Of the reasons why people return to smoking once again is the nicotine, which makes them the nicotine more areas. In the event you quit smoking, you’ll need other ways to relax, there are many things to do in this command, you can communicate with your friends, to play sports, listen to your favorite tunes, so you can avoid situations emotionality in the first weeks of quitting.

Habits associated with smoking

If you smoke after every meal, you have to find something else instead, such as cleaning your teeth, or chewing gum.

Interest in good food.

Think this advice means to quit smoking healthy, providing the body some dopamine who loses it with nicotine. And do not try to produce in the diet while you quit smoking, it is possible that this will lead to you to soak in the dopamine assertion, what makes you prone to depression. Instead, simply eat enough for your body from fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins.

And that you know about ways to quit smoking, and the various ways to quit, and alternatives to nicotine, if you have any question, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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