Ways to overcome headache plane

Ways to overcome the headache of the plane across the site of Arab Health ever try to travel by plane? Have you ever felt a headache annoying because of the travel? The answer to these questions will be held during the following lines, where the suffering of the many people who travel by plane either for entertainment or for severe pain in the head or what is known as migraine .


Reasons headache traveling

  • Headache occurs typically travel as a result of the variation of atmospheric pressure that is indicated by many research and medical reports, he assured the doctors that a headache of the aircraft occurs due to the variation of atmospheric pressure existing outside the body from the inside either during boarding or landing.
  • Causing severe pain and inflammation in the sinuses as a result of extended, causing headaches, feel significantly migraine is accompanied by severe pain in the eye with pain in the middle of the head.

The best ways to cure a headache plane.

When feeling a headache during traveling, especially while traveling by plane, which is one of the things annoying too, so many doctors began the search for the best ways to treat a headache plane to be connected to some of the ways most important of which are:

Migraine medications

  • Scientists proved that the use of migraine medications as temporary treatment for headaches resulting from the plane ride.
  • Helps alleviate the appearance of this headache, it works on the lack of it is absolutely during travel, but should consult a doctor before taking any kind of these drugs, especially in light of the other drugs for fear of interaction with them.
  • Examples of headache medications that can be taken and help alleviate the headache of the aircraft is drugs areas Triptans.

Sufficient intake of water

  • Work to moisturize the body permanently and prevent it from exposure to drought by drinking large amounts of water.
  • As to the intake of water in sufficient quantities, will help the body to skip the stage of feeling a headache or dizziness while travelling.

Taking enough sleep

  • The body needs to the number of hours of sleep and help the body to feel comfortable.
  • Therefore, take some occasion to sleep either before travel or during travel helps the traveler to avoid the feeling of a headache.

Avoid certain foods before traveling

  • We may observe some foods that enhance the chance of the occurrence of a headache including, chocolate, processed meats such as pâté, berries and other foods that contain fats hydrogenated and preservatives.

You with ways to overcome the headache of the plane and we received more inquiries about the health of the family through the comment below the article.

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