Ways to increase weight in the month of Ramadan

طرق زيادة الوزن في شهر رمضان

طرق زيادة الوزن في شهر رمضان

Nutritionists agree that fasting is a way possible, and not particularly effective, for weight loss, but in the case of overweight it’s different, thus you know the ways to increase weight in the month of Ramadan in the next section.

How does fasting on the body?

During hours of fasting when he is not eating any food or drink, the body uses the stores of carbohydrates (stored in liver and muscles) and fat to provide energy once consumed all the calories from foods consumed during the night, the body cannot store water, thus keep the kidneys as much as possible of the water by reducing the amount lost in the urine, however, not everyone can avoid losing some money when going to the toilet, and through your skin, when to breathe and when exposed in warm weather.

Depending on the weather and the length of fasting, most persons who fast during the holy month of drought or high temperatures, which may cause headache and fatigue difficulty concentrating, however, the studies have indicated that this is not detrimental to health, provided that it is consumed enough fluids after breakfast, to replace those lost during the day, however, if you are not able to stand due to dizziness, you should drink regular amounts of moderate of water after breakfast.

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Ways to increase weight in Ramadan

Although famous in the month of Ramadan is the weight loss, but there are some ways that help in increasing weight:

Eating frequently

Dining frequently after breakfast can help in weight gain, and offset what might your body needs from the food, the length of the fasting period, eat five to six smaller meals instead of two meals or three large meals.

Choose foods rich in nutrients, as part of a healthy diet comprehensive, choose whole grain bread, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and sources of lean protein, nuts and seeds.

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Drink plenty of fluids

طرق زيادة الوزن في شهر رمضان

طرق زيادة الوزن في شهر رمضان

Try juices that do not fill the soda in your diet, coffee and other drinks by a few of the calories and nutritional value, instead, drink smoothies or healthy drinks made of milk, fruit, fresh or frozen, spray it with some milled flax seed.

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Can help you exercise, especially strength exercises, gain weight by building your muscles, it might stimulate also sports your appetite, and increase your hunger to increase weight.

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Related topics

Meals contribute to weight gain

You must consume more calories than you burn if you have a high metabolism or are very active, and these foods:

  • Pasta is a source of carbohydrate dense calories that provide a perfect base for any number of meals, needs two cups of cooked spaghetti at nearly 400 calories, which helps in increasing the weight.
  • Shows that eating red meat helps in building muscle and gaining weight, while the person is advised the right of eating it, the cut red meat free of fat be the most heart-healthy of the fat.
  • Dried fruit, for example, one cup of raisins about 400 calories compared to a cup full of fresh blueberries, which contains about 60 calories only.

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In the end, after that you know ways to gain weight in Ramadan and the effect of fasting on the body, we wish you continued health and wellness.

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