Ways to increase weight … 19 is ensures you gain more weight in a healthy way

19 way to increase weight healthily

It may seem is to gain one kilogram is difficult, particularly if you want to do it right and healthy, so leave it all for ways to increase the weight of the 19

There are about 1.9 billion people in the world suffering from obesity, but also there are a lot of people have problems gaining weight, and it’s not just for the sake of reaching the ideal weight , but because being under weight right constitute a threat to the health of the body, so in this case we rely on the ways to increase weight

It can be important to gain one kilogram a very difficult task especially if you want to be done in a healthy manner it is true and this is what will guarantee ways of increasing the weight of the 19 of the following, either in case you want to gain fat simply can you rely on fast food as much as possible of the activity and movement.

19 – you have to be more patient

عليك أن تكون أكثر صبرًا

Unlike what you think there is a big difference between working on weight gain or loss to you for to be patient, perhaps this is the most important and the first thing that you need to make sure of it.

Because it depends on providing your body the amount of calories than what is consumed by the daily 10% – 15% almost, this if practiced on a daily basis definitely will be weight but it may seem that it takes time but the weight will be it will be fixed instead of gained quickly and lost his fastest.

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18 – focus on quality rather of quantity

To be able to eat the quantity that you can eat more than that, it’s fun and all but that’s not all, we must re-consider the quality of the foods and drinks before that.

Because burgers, pizza, french fries, ice cream, soft drinks and other foods are the rich calories that will ensure you a rapid increase in weight, but besides the calories that will be stored as fat is also contain salt, sugars, saturated fats, and you can imagine the damage that will health problems cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and others.

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17 – do not force yourself with large, on the contrary

Of course it is not easy to eat a lot of food in one meal, so don’t force yourself in the diets of the 3 key and only IT section of your food to 5 or 6 meals that will achieve the required amount of calories is lighter and easier on your stomach.

For example, if you have to eat 2800 calories a day, the reliance on the 6 meals means that you eat 560 calories per meal, in return you’ll have to eat about 940 calories at every meal when you rely on 3 meals a day.

You can divide your food for several meals and add meal intended for light such as dried fruit, nuts or butter-nuts, or eating slices of avocado, or dark chocolate (you can prepare a slab of chocolate and fruit in the House).

16 – snacks or low calories? No thanks, don’t need

Stay away from light foods are low-calorie because it will provide your body with sugars and salts, and you don’t get enough calories, so make sure you get nutrient-rich foods and calories, such as: whole milk – plain yogurt – avocado – nuts – butter, nuts, grain…

تأكد من حساب السعرات الحرارية التي تتناولها طرق زيادة الوزن

Before wonder wonder why your weight does not increase count the calories you eat because people make the mistake of this part specifically and exaggerate in estimating calories, they think that the reason for not gaining weight is to possess a high metabolic rate but the reason is that you don’t eat may be because you forgot to eat breakfast yesterday, or I forgot to eat lunch two days ago!

Simply count everything that you eat must be achieve the desired amount of calories for the whole week even notice the difference and the result.

14 – aerobics is a very important part in the ways to increase weight

Of course you don’t want to be the weight you are working to gain is a fat clustered accumulated in the abdominal area, right? So you focus on the exercises to burn fat and build muscle, so go for 3 – 4 times a week, and don’t forget to eat healthy foods that provide your body protein after a workout.

So the exercises will stimulate muscle building – the installation of the storage of calories as fat – increase the feeling of hunger and help you eat more food (in the case of Mr. for a few minutes before the meal).

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13 – commitment to ways to increase weight

If you follow ways to gain weight today and do tomorrow, if I ate the required amount of calories in yesterday, but today I didn’t do that and missed a number of meals don’t produce the results that you want, or at least not in the near term, the obligation is the key that will get you to the weight you want.

12 – must possess a goal… what is your goal?

So the obligation will connect you, but to where? Here’s the question … What is your goal and what is the weight that you need to reach and when you expect to provide your body with more calories?

Is to determine the ideal weight depending on the length centimeters meters with the deletion of the percent and to the remaining figure that in G, any such as: in case the length was 177 my meter it means that weight natural you is 77 kilo grams approximately.

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11 – you have to give your stomach some time

عليك منح معدتك بعض الوقت

Of contained you will face difficulty in eating more food and provide your body with more calories you may feel that your stomach has filled up completely and has to suffer from the pressure, this is normal and we have only given my stomach some time because it will expand with the intake of extra food continuously after two weeks it will be easy to eat the amount required as you will notice that your feeling of hunger has increased.

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