Way to wean a child from feeding industrial

طريقة فطام الطفل عن الرضاعة الصناعية

طريقة فطام الطفل عن الرضاعة الصناعية

You may have to wean your baby from bottle feeding a challenge, remember that weaning is usually a long, gradual process, therefore you know the way to wean a child from feeding industrial in the next section.

What is the appropriate time for weaning is?

Many of the mothers that the process of weaning should begin as early as 6 months, although this may work for some, but it is not recommended in general because the six months is largely the work begins where your child get solid food, and even then, is not to simplify the feeding needs of your baby also to get everything in his power to milk as much as possible.

Selects most mothers start weaning when the baby starts in the proposal of the year, after completion of about 10 months or so, you can start to introduce a cup to your child or even taking the incremental steps in a bottle, weaning spoon or a glass vial, and may respond to some of the children positively, while others may desire to enjoy breastfeeding.

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Way to wean a child from feeding industrial

When deciding on the weaning of the bottle for your infant, there are several ways you can follow, so you may not all fit your child:

  • Understand the general behavior of your child how to interact with the change, and a decision on whether you want to offer a drink or a spoon slowly or want to stop the bottle completely and tantrums.
  • Better to experience it as soon as your baby can sit upright and interact with you to some extent, a lot of changes in the early stages of its growth can make it difficult for him and even impossible in some cases, if there are other changes already occurring in its environment, it is natural that the weaning for some time.
  • Choose to bring the cup filled with some water and use the wrapper as soon as you finish some hard material, if it tends to push him away, let him need the glass as it is without anything in it, let her recognize you’ll like the game, and soon will be fine with the consumption of various liquids and even milk through a cup.
  • The wean a little child about the industrial milk for the first time you may feel it like an enemy for your child, but know the fact that this is for his benefit, it won’t be long before he tries the right balance of food, steel and milk, and may even begin to drink milk from a cup, just like you.

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Related topics

Tips for successful weaning

طريقة فطام الطفل عن الرضاعة الصناعية

طريقة فطام الطفل عن الرضاعة الصناعية

You should reduce the number of times of feeding from a bottle during the day gradually, is not limited approach slow to avoid breast engorgement and depression that can accompany weaning early or sudden death, but he made the transition to other foods is easy.

Provide a light meal for the child instead of breastfeeding

Replace artificial feeding with a snack or full fat milk, during that process if you notice a sharp reaction from the child, you distract his attention with toys or anything else.

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Let your child happens when weaning

Don’t we mean that the child will be when you can wean him, but there are signs that the child at a certain age may not be ready for the cost of the step, where said one of the mothers in that she did breastfeed her child until 20 months.

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Method for weaning

Here’s how to wean can you try: free PCs of garlic, put it with a tablespoon of olive oil in a small bowl, let sit for several hours, drain the garlic, must needs increase the scent, put the oil on the bottle that breastfeeding of a child from abroad and her feet not, and probably will be her.

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In the end, after that you know the way to wean a child from artificial feeding and for weaning, tips for weaning, we wish good health for you and your baby.

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