Way to take flax seeds slimming

طريقة أخذ بذور الكتان للتخسيس

طريقة أخذ بذور الكتان للتخسيس

Flax seeds, is the seed little brown plant flax, which are known botanically as Linum usitatissimum, which is the same plant responsible for the linen fabric, and use the seeds Brown a little for medicinal purposes for many years as a treatment for constipation, flax seed is also rich in oil, which is pressed and used for cooking, and perhaps are wondering about the way to take flax seeds slimming , and in order to do this, keep with us dear reader this article.

The benefits of flax seeds

Before talking about the way to take the flax seed for slimming, it should be mentioned that flax seeds help in improving the Prevention of many diseases, such as:

Diabetes and infections

Preliminary research also suggests that the daily amount of the legion of two in flaxseed, may improve moderate blood sugar, and provides two components in flaxseed may reduce the inflammation associated with certain diseases (like Parkinson’s disease and asthma) by helping block the release of some of the factors contributing to infections, may be reducing the inflammation associated with the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, another way to help the seeds of the flax to prevent heart attacks andstrokes.

Hot flashes

Reported one study of menopausal women, published in 2007, to two tablespoons of milled flax seed in the cereal or juice or yogurt twice a day, reduced hot flashes by half, and decreased the severity of hot flashes by 57%, and noted women differ after eating flax seed daily for just one week, and achieved the maximum benefit within two weeks.

The Prevention of cancer

Recent studies suggest that flaxseed may have a protective effect against breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer, in animal studies, and omega-3 fat found in flaxseed, called ALA, hindered the occurrence of tumor growth, and some of the other components in flaxseed also have antioxidant properties, which may help in protection against cancer and heart disease.

Way to take flax seeds slimming

Although the milled flax seed may not be a magic food for weight loss that are looking for all your life, there is scientific evidence that the seeds for health can help you lose weight.

Where I found the study to 2019 published in the International Journal of research on vitamins and nutrition that supplementation of flaxseed (3 tablespoons per day) in addition to a healthy lifestyle geared towards losing weight, help to promote weight loss more of the healthy lifestyle alone, it was also observed that those who complete the seeds of the flax they had improvements in cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as signs of inflammation.

Active substances in the way of taking flax seeds slimming

While noted the authors of the study that there is a need for further research to better understand how to help the milled flax seed in weight loss, it may be to do with the legion of two, which is the polyphenols in the seeds of flax, according to a review in 2017 of the publication in the International Journal of Science Molecular Biology, may help the Legion, both in supporting the process of fat metabolism and preventing the accumulation of fat tissue.

In any case, the milled flax seed is a good source of fiber, with nearly 2 grams per tablespoon, and found a study carried out in 2015 and published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine that focus on adding more fiber to your diet was effective in promoting weight loss like the diet plan of great diversity, and fiber is a carbohydrate not digestible keeps you feeling full for longer, so you eat less.

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Related topics

Risks of flax seeds

It is suggested not to eat flax seeds raw or immature, because of the potential for the occurrence of tolerance, in particular cyanide, if you have concerns concerning the side effects of flax seed, make sure that the risk is very rare.

Although some of the compounds in flaxseed oil may release toxic substances, the researchers reported that your body is able to detoxify the cyanide in a quantity dependent on the content of amino acids in your diet, concluded the review, published in the journal Trends in Food Science and Technology in July 2014, that the toxicity of the cyanide in flax seed are rare, except in cases where consumed in large quantities in a diet low in protein, the report concluded that there is no generally no harmful effect with consumption prolonged flax seed.

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In the end, after that we talked about, way to take flax seed for slimming , do not hesitate, dear reader, to consult your doctor, if you feel any display is not supported, and always your safety.

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