Way to quit smoking gradually

طريقة الإقلاع عن التدخين تدريجيًا

طريقة الإقلاع عن التدخين تدريجيًا

Have you ever wondered about which is better? Way to quit smoking gradually is? Or a way to quit smoking at once. Know with us on the answer to that question through this article.

Way to quit smoking gradually

Dear reader, there is no stage safe of stages of cigarette smoking, smoking, even in small quantities cause serious damage to the body. Takeoff and gradually gives you a little health benefits, if any. Unlike a boot full of cigarettes completely, which provides several health benefits. Includes a way to take off gradually as follows:

Set targets

The idea was to reduce the number of cigarettes every day, and every week, and continued to reduce the number of your cigarettes, even approaching a boot full of cigarettes.

Non of your habits

Go for a walk after dinner, instead of smoking a cigarette. And now you have understated already cigarettes, quitting fully is the next step.

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The risk of way to quit smoking gradually

  • After identifying a smaller number of cigarettes in a day, don’t start taking the same deeper ones, to compensate for the amount of nicotine that you’re used to.
  • Sometimes, it can lead reduce your consumption of cigarettes to opposite results, and requires commitment and discipline is greater than stop suddenly.
  • Will experience withdrawal symptoms the same without seeing the financial and health benefits for full.
  • If you are still not ready to quit smoking altogether, you can also think of alternatives to smoking such as the switch to e-cigarettes that reduce the risk of you getting hurt.

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The benefits of quitting smoking

  • Break the cycle of addiction

Within a month, many of the nicotine receptors in the mind return to normal, breaking the cycle of addiction.

  • To maintain blood circulation

Blood circulation realized in the period from two weeks to 12 weeks of stopping smoking, and this makes everyday activities more easily than before.

  • Improved hearing and significantly

Smoking leads to damage to the endings of the sensory in the nose and mouth, which reduces the sense of complaining and hearing. During the two days of quitting, nerve endings begin to grow again, the ability to remember hearing talk well.

  • An increase in energy

Similar to improving physical performance, increasing oxygen in the body which gives more energy.

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • System the largest of the teeth and mouth

Smoking leads to yellowing of teeth, causes bad odor, leads to increased risk in infection in the mouth. Within a week of quitting, you may start seeing and feeling the difference in the mouth.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer, such as:
    1. Lung cancer
    2. Kidney cancer
    3. Cancer of the esophagus
    4. Bladder cancer

And the way to quit smoking gradually improve the blood circulation in the body, and increase the rate of oxygen in the body, which reduces infections, strengthens the immune system and then in turn fight off infection of all kinds.

It is possible that it takes this many years after takeoff, but the takeoff helps in the Prevention of significantly.

And now, dear reader, now that I know the answer to your question, Do You way to quit smoking gradually the best way to quit smoking? After that you know its benefits, if you have any queries, you can consult one of our physicians here.

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