Way to prevent smoking

طريقة لمنع التدخين

طريقة لمنع التدخين

Smoking is one of the bad habits that cause harm to the human body smoking does not harm the smoker only, but it hurts the people around him. also you’ll learn with the dear reader in this article on the way to stop smoking and not give in to this bad habit.

Is there a way to prevent smoking?

People who smoke dramatically increase their need for nicotine and since nicotine is addictive, they suffer from the effects of the disease when they stop using cigarettes.

Way to stop smoking by reducing smoking gradually

Like a lot of people in reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke it before you stop smoking completely reducing the amount of cigarettes smoked before trying to quit smoking best quit smoking suddenly if you are interested in a way to prevent smoking, you can ask the support of your doctor as to use of nicotine may increase the chances of your success.

Way to prevent smoking in steps

Deciding to quit the most important way to prevent smoking

If you try to quit smoking before and failed, don’t let that make you give the more you try to quit smoking, the greater your chance of success probably weren’t ready at that time or maybe I didn’t take the right steps in order, or maybe you don’t have the Will enough.

Know the Times that bloom in your desire to smoke

Smoking is the body’s need cravings for nicotine, ask yourself Why do you smoke? Do you break out of your day difficult? Is it a moment of peace when you are alone with your thoughts? Most people smoke because it is a chance to escape or relax from the goods of life andknowing these times will help you deal with these situations better, here are some of the causes of cravings:

  • Drinking coffee
  • Finish the meal
  • Drive your car
  • Use the phone
  • Stressful situations

Way to prevent smoking in these situations the following tips:

  • If you smoke with your morning coffee plans to be the first coffee to you at work because you may not be able to smoking whenever and if you smoke while driving plans to take a different path will keep your mind busy.
  • If you smoke after meals are planned out after a meal like go for a quick.
  • If you smoke when talking on the phone then put one of the stress balls next to your phone to keep your hands busy.
  • Make a plan to make yourself busy in the beginning so that a lot of non-productive time is not a good thing when it comes to quitting smoking.
  • Plans to do activities or go out with your family or your friends to keep your mind off smoking.

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Way to prevent smoking in the home

Initially when you stop smoking you may feel you need some help there are vitamins and Multi can help you especially those that contain vitamins A and C and E are excellent to give your body the essential nutrients it needs to expel toxins and can reduce these vitamins withdrawal symptoms and make you more able to cope with your cravings to smoke and will work to re-energize your body, one of the most important sources of vitamins:

  • Grape juice
  • Vegetables and fruits of all kinds
  • Ginger
  • Drink water in moderate quantities

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At the end of the article, dear reader, may be known to us more of the way to prevent smoking, and the means to help so if you have more questions and consulting you can consult one of our doctors here

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