Way to lower blood sugar

طريقة لخفض السكر في الدم

طريقة لخفض السكر في الدم

There is more than way to lower blood sugar in case of a desire to lower it in simple ways at home, keep reading to learn more.

More than a way to reduce the sugar in the blood

If blood sugar levels are high you have, there are several ways you can use to lower blood sugar quickly:

  • Insulin Management: talk to your doctor about the amount of insulin that is fast acting you should eat when blood sugar is high, and do blood sugar testing after about 15 to 30 minutes after getting on insulin ensure the low blood sugar and it is not very low.
  • Exercise: Physical Activity lead to the demand of the body for glucose to get energy, and as a result you cells deliver glucose to the muscles, usually decrease blood sugar levels after a workout; you will have to exercise works to pump blood to your heart faster than usual, for example, you can walk to, but you should be at a rate fast enough; if blood sugar is higher than 250 mg / dL, you should not exercise.
  • Drink water: it may help to drink water your body to release more urine and thus get rid of a large proportion of glucose in the blood, however, you should not drink large amounts of water if you suffer from heart problems or kidney.
  • Eat a snack rich in protein: although it may seem strange to eat to lower blood sugar, but protein-rich foods can help stabilize blood sugar, but it is important that the food contains a high proportion of protein and carbohydrates, examples include a handful of almonds or a piece of Turkey, but remember that this method will not lower your blood sugar the same speed as the secretion of insulin.

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When should you go for emergencies?

Now that you know more than way to lower blood sugar and the effectiveness of each method, here are the cases that must go to emergency and not wait at all.

Include symptoms that could indicate the need to go to the emergency room include the following:

  • Blood sugar level is 250 mg / dL or higher.
  • Urinalysis Center positive by medium to large.
  • Feel confused.
  • You feel very thirsty.
  • Find the need to go to the bathroom frequently.
  • Feel sick.
  • Feel short of breath.
  • Feel pain in the stomach.
  • Suffer from vomiting.

And can cause high glucose levels in the blood an imbalance in the fluid in the body, it can cause that the blood becomes acidic in a way that does not support life, and the relationship of such cases to give insulin intravenously continuously giving intravenous fluids to treat dehydration.

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Complications of high blood sugar

In case of failure to find you to way to lower sugar in the blood and when elevated blood sugar levels frequently, be more prone to complications of high blood sugar, which include:

Take steps to keep blood sugar at an appropriate level for your condition can help reduce the likelihood of these complications; and now has been more than way to lower blood sugar may become it easier the next time where the level of sugar you have; for more information on diabetes types you can consult one of our doctors here.

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