Way to clean teeth

طريقة تنظيف الأسنان

طريقة تنظيف الأسنان

The care clean your teeth properly every day can maintain the health of your teeth and gums, and through the next section, we will explore a way to clean the teeth healthy to get teeth white and clean.

Method of cleaning teeth using toothpaste

Brush your teeth for at least two minutes

Wash your teeth with a brush teeth for at least two minutes in the morning before breakfast and before going to bed, and never clean your teeth straight after eating, because this may damage your teeth and cause erosion of the tooth enamel, especially if you’ve eaten fruit or carbonated drinks or any other food acids, because acids cause erosion of tooth enamel, you have to wait an hour after a meal before brushing your teeth, to your saliva to get rid of most of the acids.

Use electric toothbrush or manual

No matter if you are using electric toothbrush or manual or not, both are good as long as you’re brushing your teeth correctly. However, some people find it easier to clean their teeth better using electric toothbrush.

Use the right toothpaste

Figure out a way to clean the teeth you use toothpaste appropriate, allowing the cleaning agents present in the toothpaste in removing plaque from your teeth, making it clean and healthy.

Use toothpaste that contains fluoride, is the most effective way to fight tooth decay. Recommends Dental Association avoid toothpaste for kids and babies up to the age of 18 months, and use the toothpastes of the ad hoc low fluoride for children ages 6 to 18 years, to prevent injury, poisoning, dental fluorosis (caused by swallowing too much fluoride).

Use mouthwash

The use of mouthwash after brushing your teeth can help get rid of any parts of the last of the bacteria or the leftovers that were still by the toothbrush, and a lot of the mouthwashes on the alcohol, so they are not suitable for children, because they may swallow it accidentally.

If you use mouthwash that contains alcohol, you may get a very dry mouth and lips are dry and fissured due to the influence of alcohol, you can avoid this by using a lotion free of alcohol.

How to use the brush correctly?

And the way to properly clean your teeth include the use of the brush properly, then clean your teeth using fluoride toothpaste twice a day for at least two minutes, to help maintain the health of your teeth and mouth. Here’s the correct way to wash your teeth:

  • Put the head of the toothbrush on your teeth, then tilt the parties to the bristle at a 45 degree angle against the gum line.
  • The movement of the brush with small circular movements several times on all surfaces in every age.
  • Clean the external surfaces of the upper and lower for each age.
  • Use the same method on the inner surfaces of all your teeth.
  • To clean the inner surfaces of the front teeth, tilt the brush vertically and small circular movements with the introduction of (front part) of the brush.
  • Clean your tongue using a brush, you’ll be in the recovery of your breath and clean your mouth by removing bacteria.
  • When you’re done brushing, he tried to spit out the toothpaste and rinsed with water, and some toothpaste on your teeth because this will give your teeth some extra protection against the constant and then rinse your teeth with water.

Use dental floss the right way

طريقة تنظيف الأسنان

طريقة تنظيف الأسنان

Option is not just limited to get rid of food between your teeth, it also leads to reduce gum disease and bad breath by removing the plaque formed along the gum line. To use the option correctly:

  • Use about 45 cm of floss around your fingers.
  • Enter option with using a nice along to avoid injury to the gums.
  • You can use a toothbrush instead of good, especially if your teeth are very close together and difficult to use dental floss.

Now that you know the way to clean the teeth, if you have an questions you can consult one of the doctors from here.

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