Way to burn body fat quickly

طريقة حرق الدهون في الجسم بسرعة

طريقة حرق الدهون في الجسم بسرعة

Fat accumulates in different areas of the body especially the body, waist, buttocks and thighs as a result of poor dietary habits or some hormonal disorders, and it seems a lot of people about the way to burn body fat quickly you know with us in this article on some tips that will help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

The causes of accumulation of fat in the body

One of the most common causes of body fatness is overeating and lack of the rate of physical activity, but there are some other reasons that may be a factor in weight gain as follows:

  • A work in progress as slow down the rate of metabolism naturally.
  • Increased rate of weight gain in women than men.
  • Genetic predisposition to gain weight in general or in certain areas of the body.
  • Hormonal changes and stress.

Way to burn body fat quickly

If you are trying to lose weight must be careful to choose the ways that suits your body for you to burn fat in a healthy way, and don’t think the speed of burning fat on the way, but the main factor for the success of your attempt to lose weight is adhering to a diet healthy and balanced in addition to exercise regularly.

There are many diets that you can follow to lose weight, but you should check with your doctor first before choosing any of these systems depending on your health and your weight, where there are some systems that are not healthy or that does not fit with some cases, here are some tips that help you lose weight as follows:

Eat foods rich in fiber

This helps you to feel full for longer as it helps the body to use stored fat to digest these fiber works so weight loss.

Eating meals regularly

Don’t you think way to burn body fat quickly skipping meals or feeling hungry for long periods, but on the contrary leads to disturbance of diet to the disorder of blood sugar metabolism and turns the body to store more fat instead of burning it.

Avoid processed carbohydrates

Such as sugar, white flour, where perform these kinds of foods to raise blood glucose levels causing increased insulin secretion and increase the feeling of hunger and desire to eat.


Specifically running, or fast walking at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes where the working practice of these types of sports to increase heart rate and increase metabolic rate, increase fat-burning.

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Foods to increase the rate of fat burning

You think way to burn body fat quickly on the type of foods eaten the amount of calories contained in them, so we know you in this part of the article some types of foods and beverages also containing low calories plus high in fiber, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy body and these foods include the following:

  • Yogurt which contains a high percentage of protein which help you feel full.
  • Quinoa contains a high amount of fiber that helps the feeling of satiety in addition to iron, zinc and vitamin E.

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  • Cinnamon that help stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the desire to eat.
  • Hot pepper that contains a chemical called capsaicin which reduces the appetite and the metabolism for a short time only.
  • Green tea which works to stimulate the body to burn fat as green tea contains a substance catechin which is a type of plant chemicals that may increase the rate of metabolism especially if eaten more than once throughout the day.

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At the end of the article and that you know the way to burn body fat quickly you should see a doctor specialist to help you choose the way that suits you and you from the damage resulting from the loss of body fat in a way faster than usual, such as gallstones or sagging skin, with my best wishes for you life healthy and happy.

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