Way orthodontics

طريقة عمل تقويم الأسنان

طريقة عمل تقويم الأسنان

Orthodontics is a device used to correct dental flaws existing, whether teeth or spraining or even malocclusion, what is the way orthodontic treatment and how it differs from one case to another is? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions.

Way orthodontics

The calendar says move your teeth through the practice of constant pressure on them for long periods of time, and with time the format consists of dismantled gradually to comply with this pressure.

Can most people into thinking that our teeth are linked to the bones of the jaw directly, which makes it difficult to imagine how to move them, but the bottom gum there is a membrane surrounded the bones installs your teeth in your jaw, and this membrane in the subject of your teeth, and responds to the pressure on your teeth by the calendar.

Getting braces does not cause pain during your appointment at the doctor, and it takes to install it between an hour to two hours, but may experience pain during the first week after adjusting the calendar and wires, and every time you adjust the orthodontic by your doctor may be painful and also for a few days.

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Way orthodontic treatment in detail

How is the installation of braces, how it works the mechanism of the calendar to re-tooth to its natural? This is what we find in this paragraph.

Paste supportive of the calendar

After your teeth to be clean and dry, is placed the edges of ceramic or plastic or stainless steel on your teeth using glue, may be applied to the adhesive and uncomfortable, but it does not cause pain, will this support the possibility to apply the pressure evenly on your teeth, where they will be connected and The Wire is made of stainless steel or titanium, nickel or titanium copper.

Elastic straps

After supporting the elastic straps, which allow O-rings or bands around the Arches, once placed the doctor can tighten the jaw out.

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Then come after that role differences; and make spacers out of rubber bands or metal rings, has been leading the orthodontist to put them between your teeth, and spacers push your jaw forward by adding a space in the back of your mouth, they also provide space for the brackets if the back of your mouth very tight so that it does not fits properly, some cases you need commas, while others don’t need it, as they are placed for a week for only two weeks at a time.


Say braces connect the booster or stickers are placed on your teeth, it’s the mechanism that is pressure on your teeth to place, and can brackets are made of stainless steel as well as titanium-nickel or titanium-copper.

There are also tubes buccal Springs in addition to the calendar of the head, but describes the situations from the other according to what the doctor sees appropriate for your situation.

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You work way to orthodontist vary from adults to children?

You may be surprised when you know that you can get braces at any age, but there are some specific advantages to start treatment early, for example, if I got on the calendar during the period of adolescence will be dismantled is still your jaw moves and grows until you reach, if at this stage you may enjoy the jaw line more flexibility may be your teeth more responsive to movement.

It may not take long time treatment if your teeth respond more quickly to the calendar, but once you stop your teeth dismantled for growth, there will be some adjustments that can’t be the calendar that it performs.

In general, the passes adult the same process followed by children when they installed the calendar, apart from the duration of the treatment, there are other things you should consider when you’re an adult wants to get on the calendar.

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should talk to the gynecologist your first about how the impact of the calendar on your pregnancy, you may also want to check with your primary physician if you have health problems, essential you may feel concerned about her in general.

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Get on the calendar may help you to improve the appearance of your teeth dramatically, all you have to do is consult a doctor and find a plan and duration of treatment is appropriate for you, for further information about the way the orthodontic treatment you can consult one of our doctors here.

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