Vitamins for kids shaped candy

Vitamins for kids-shaped candy via website cart health resort many mothers to use vitamins for kids shaped candy to compensate for the child’s body from the elements and vitamins that purify it, as well as to increase its benefits, where you find the mother difficult to give the child foods that contain useful substances such as vegetables, fruits and other .


Information about candy vitamins

  • Recently spread in the pharmacies what is known as the candy vitamins, where mothers began rushing by way of it’s Gummi Candy there are on different forms and colors attractive to the child.
  • Contain a variety of vitamins and elements needed to build the body of the child the most important being vitamin C and iron.
  • Featuring these solutions to their small size, flavors and different that no child can resist, as they contain more than one element at once.

The importance of candy vitamins

  • Provide the body of the child with the necessary elements and vitamins that save him.
  • Help to increase the immunity of the child and its against infection with many diseases such as influenza.
  • The ability to attract the children to them because its forms and colors of different taste sweet.
  • Alternate these solutions with the ages of different age starting from age 4 years to 12 years.

Hit the candy vitamins for children

See some of the mothers that candy vitamins are a brilliant alternative to get the vitamins to build the body of the child, but in the shadow of the intake of these solutions you should not count on it completely without eating healthy foods balanced, because taking it cause some damages including:

  • Containing candy vitamins A large amount of sugar in order to change the smell and taste of vitamins, containing a piece of candy gelatin one tablespoon of sugar.
  • In the case of eating a large amount of milk per day, may provide the child’s body in large quantities of vitamins may not need them, and may backfire, such as increasing the proportion of iron in the body.
  • These women may cause severe damage to the body of the child especially at this age, little ones tooth decay.
  • You should not rely on in to obtain a source of vitamins, even the child does not learn it and you natural sources like vegetables and fruits.

The names of the candy vitamins for children

There are a variety of candy vitamins in pharmacies in glass bottles sealed, including:

Candy Gummi King

  • There are 6 multiple flavors lemon, grape, grapefruit, strawberry, orange and cherry.
  • Each piece of candy contains a range of vitamins, including:( vitamin C, vitamin D, omega 3, iron, calcium).

Candy Mister Tommy

  • Available pharmacies of America, and provide the body a number of vitamins.
  • Up to ten types of vitamin B5, B9, B12, A, C, D, Mg, Zn,
  • It is available in different flavors and loved children.

Was the answer to the questions of mothers about vitamin for children on the form of candy and we receive more inquiries through the comment below the article.

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