Underarm whitening in the medical and natural

Some factors may affect the delicate skin, especially in the area of the armpits, which have two dark, two more than usual, so we’ll talk about how to lighten these places, underarm whitening and attention, details below.

You can now use the methods of medical, and other normal, we can use it to brighten dark areas in our body, including the armpits once you some:

Ways to whiten armpit as normal.

There are numerous recipes and very simple, which help to lighten the armpit when you hold them, including:


When you take a little bit of potato juice nature, and put it on the underarm area for 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water helps to open the organization.

Turmeric and lemon

When you mix them in small quantities from Monday to make puree, and put it on the underarm area, and leave for 30 minutes, then wash it.

تبييض الإبط


Cut it into strips, and do your armpits, and then wash the armpits of the option after the passage of ten minutes at least.

Almond oil

Show you the organization of some of it, and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with soap and water.

Tea tree oil

We put some of them on some of the water, and spray it daily after bathing on the armpits.

Coconut oil

Twice a day to show the region some of the oil, and leave for 15 minutes, then wash with soap and water.

Tomato juice

Every day we put the juice on the armpits, and massage it, it is possible to leave to the morning and then wash it.

Aloe vera

We bring the pulp of aloe vera fresh, then put it on the armpits, and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then wash it.

Brown sugar, olive oil

Put some coarse sugar with olive oil, and the mixture then wringing out the underarm area of the humidifier with water before, then wash it well with soap and water.

And before you use any of these natural recipes is the visit to the doctor first, or is the experience of a small drop of it to measure the sense of the skin, where there are some individuals suffer from allergy towards some of the recipes, especially that lemon.

تبييض الإبط

Underarm whitening in medical and cosmetic

There are a lot of ways and Means Medical, which can be used in order to get the desired results, and whitening of the armpits.

Most important of which are the use of creams, such as: the antibiotics used in relieving inflammation, cream Retin A, visit cream.

The medical report skin armpits sensitive

Laser therapy is used to assess the thickness of the skin, which may be a companion star works to lighten armpits.

There are pills made up of retinoid, is used when the market is high, which is difficult to treat, and is the body’s response to other treatments.

Underarm whitening by changing the daily habits of the individual

We can whiten dark areas especially sensitive areas, like armpits when you follow the daily habits healthy, changing habits, causing later

Such as: change of deodorant, use of type species for sensitive skin or that contain moisturizers.

تبييض الإبط

Good hydration live and permanent

Get rid of armpit hair with wax, or sweetness, or laser, and when you use the code you must put the soapy water, put lotion on the area, remove the hair in the direction of its growth.

The use of cotton clothing, and always to ventilate these sensitive places, and not to wear tight clothing.

There are many things that may lead advantage that the armpits of a sudden, this may be due to illness, so you should visit a doctor to identify the cause behind it.

One of the most important causes of pregnancy physical changes that occur to because of the pregnancy, where it can happen no change in the skin, including tanning in the armpits, and the appearance of dark lines, at the cost of the pregnancy

Disease called Addison’s disease

  • An increase in the melanin pigment in the area of the armpits.
  • Of bacterial infections.
  • To be the individual smoker.
  • There could be dead skin accumulated in this area, so be due to lack of proper cleaning of this area.
  • An imbalance in hormones or fat or sugar, can cause darkening of the armpits.
  • The appearance of hair under the skin, and its growth naturally.

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