Types of combinations teeth animated

انواع تركيبات الأسنان المتحركة

انواع تركيبات الأسنان المتحركة

Do you know your teeth broken in some parts? Have you lost a number of your teeth and want to have beautiful appearance for your smile is? Well, will certainly to the kind of kinds of combinations of the teeth moving or fixed, here we are going to talk about the arrangements animated types, continue with this article with me.

What are the combinations of the teeth?

Is an alternative can be put it place of the broken tooth or lost, it offers two available walls of the combinations of the teeth of either installation or full installation partial. It is also divided into types fixed types excited.

The use of a complete arrangement in case of loss of all your teeth, the partial is used when you have lost a few of your teeth.

Types of combinations teeth animated

Arrangements Full and combinations the teeth

Some kind of arrangements animated, they are used in case of loss of teeth is complete, it can be divided into two types:

  • Type Permanent, this type is used after the loss of teeth, began gums to recover. The arrangements for moving in the mouth after 8 to 12 weeks of time lost all the teeth.
  • Type temporary, can put the interim arrangements after the loss of teeth is directly, which leads to shrinkage of the gums upon healing, this is considered the main drawback for the installation of the temporary teeth, and always follow up with the doctor constantly, to determine the composition of the provisional position fits into the downturn that happened in the gums, so it is believed this type of provisional remedies in the kinds of combinations the teeth moving , until obtaining the solution of last resort.

The arrangements of the partial types of combinations teeth animated

Is the use of such arrangements when you lost a certain number of teeth not the whole tooth, and a kit plastic base pink color, resembling the color of the gums, and some teeth connected by a metal wire, and the wire to keep the dentures in place on the plastic base, and keep their places the existing art.

Available alternatives from combinations of teeth

Available operations of a dental implant, to provide artificial teeth planted gums itself. And need dental implants to costs of so many combinations of teeth that can be used for the same purpose. And give the implant the sensation of having real teeth.

To learn more about aprices the installation of the teeth and types available followed us here.

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How is the manufacture of kinds of combinations of Teeth Animation?

The process of manufacturing arrangements animated a few weeks, and several successive visits to the dentist.

The rules followed in the manufacturing of combinations of teeth:

  • The doctor says to take the articles of the jaws and the jaws.
  • The doctor calculates the distance existing between the jaws.
  • The doctor says manufactures models are similar to the teeth of lost wax or plastic, by putting it in your mouth to get the models to The Shape of the teeth.
  • The doctor sends this form to one of the specialized centres for the installation of your dental.

The effect of types of combinations teeth animated on your mouth.

When you put the type of combinations of teeth moving in your mouth, you will feel the presence of some voids between the gums and the composition of the new, well, no need for concern, this will take only a few weeks, so can the muscles of your mouth and can your tongue get used to keep the soil in place.

You can also sense the presence of some of the needs or pain, as a result of the increase in the secretion of saliva when you put the combination of the teeth moving. And end these problems once they get to your mouth on this new part.

Some of the side effects for teeth

  • Cause combinations of teeth in the occurrence of difficulty eating sticky or hard, it can cause this type of foods moving the combination of the teeth.
  • The increase in saliva secretion from the salivary glands, but it is the end of this excretion of the excess as soon as the back of the mouth on the presence of the composition.
  • Feeling disturbed, to try the muscles of your mouth is qualitative with a combination of new teeth.
  • Difficult to control in the beginning.

At the end of the article and then know the kinds of combinations of Teeth Animation , How is its manufacture? And what is the initial feeling when you put in your mouth? You should always follow your doctor and maintain a system for the composition of the teeth, or you can send your consultation to one of our doctors here.

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