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We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information about drugs and treatment of slimming ways in the various herbal and other characteristics it is bothering all the people and cause a lot of diseases, where can you expect obesity to the treatment of a particular disease around the cause in the problem of the psychological embarrassment of the patient, so trying a lot of patients search for effective ways of its slimming medicines and herbs natural that helps to lose weight, and exercise regularly daily the high proportion of burning body fat, and proper healthy diet free of food full of fat, the And turn the patient in the case of a batten too chronic to go to the doctor to prescribe him the most important medications that help with slimming and burning body fat with the advice of some health guidelines that must be followed in these cases, and all of this will make it clear to you through the website of the pharmacy and we’ll get to the most important methods of treatment of slimming and get rid of obesity, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

السمنة المفرطة تسبب العديد من الاضرارObesity cause a lot of damage

Method of treatment of slimming medicines

There is a group of medicines that you can follow to get rid of obesity, these drugs are as follows :

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1. intake of certain medications, which says as a doctor so that it doesn’t feature effective on the sensation of satiety for a long time, and some drugs have the effect of a strong increase the percentage of burn body fat and reduce the absorption of fat.

2. one of the diagnostic methods to have a therapist is to measure your body mass index any measure of body weight compared to the full-length, one of these indicators suggest that if the mass of the body measurement is bigger than 30, there is an increase in bulk and the patient is suffering from obesity.

3. it is better to alert the patient that can’t happen loss significantly weight when taking slimming medications only but you must also follow healthy diets help so and do some activities and exercise even shows the effect of the drugs quickly, and that process begins the medications and notice loss of weight after six months of taking these drugs .

4 – there are some medications that help slimming better as prescribe by the doctor but it is advised not to take these medications only under the supervision of the attending physician, including ( pills its slimming ), a( medication encases burn fat), ( injection Victor), a( medication orlistat slimming ), and(tablets Kwik slim), (tablets easy sound ) there are other drugs prescribed by your doctor.

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Treatment slimming herbal

Is herbal medicine an alternative medicines and chemical treatments and cause side effects may be caused by medications, so a lot of patients to eat herbs that help to burn fat and the process of slimming, and the use of herbs for slimming as follows.

1 – drink green tea helps to fat burning process significantly in the body and contains anti-oxidant it is the best weed that must be addressed if you want to lose weight normally.

2 – eating cinnamon drink working also helps to burn fat, so I prefer to eat it daily morning and evening to burn fat.

3 – drink ginger helps in the fat burning process because it contains a large proportion of fiber helps to improve bowel movement and digestion, and to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

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اتباع نظام صحي مهم جدا للتخلص من السمنةA healthy diet is very important to get rid of obesity

Damage obese

There is a range of damage caused by morbid obesity, this addendum are as follows :

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1 – increase obesity likelihood of developing diabetes of the second type.

2 – lead obesity to high blood pressure.

3 – caused obesity many problems in the heart muscle such as cardiac arrest or angina.

4 – may lead to obesity, to the injury of stroke.

5 – may cause obesity also cancer all different.

6 – damage caused by obesity and gallbladder stones.

7 – cause of obesity, many psychological problems such as depression.

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We gave you through the website of the pharmacy very important information about slimming cures, whether medications or herbs, whether medicinal or weed van slimming needs persistence to lose weight by following a health system useful in addition to exercise regularly, as explained the negatives of obesity on the body …………. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics associated with the medical information and health website pharmacy.

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