Treatment of phobia of Flight … get ready to buckle up and take off and watch the Earth swallow

Sit down, fasten your seatbelt and listen to the instructions and here is the plane taking off luckily the location of your seat perfect you can look down to earth she is smiling and The Clouds… is this is one more nightmare you scared of? Do you think that the position of your seat, this is not good and need to be close to the exit? So you need to sign fob aviation

You’re not alone because someone out of every 10 people is already suffering from a phobia of flight and this proportion may be much larger, they can simply avoid travelling if it depends on the flight of the aircraft, and sometimes it will be possible to adopt other means of transport car – train – ship, but is it safer?

What is fear of flying / phobia flying / aerophobia is?

ما هو الخوف من الطيران فوبيا الطيران aerophobia؟

Fear of flying is a fear of air travel and the severe anxiety – panic – in addition to many of the psychological symptoms, physical and other, and affects one person out of 10 people believe that this percentage can be much greater.

Can be fob aviation relating to the service of the aircraft or the fear of air travel or associated with other psychological such as: anxiety disorder anxiety / phobia enclosed spaces claustrophobia / fob death / fob high places acrophobia / post-traumatic stress disorder post-traumatic stress disorder.

Often facing those who suffer from fear of flying bouts of intense fear and anxiety just thinking about flying, and pushes them to avoid air travel, in case they had to show symptoms of panic and dismay.

Can rating people who suffer from a phobia of air travel, into two groups: the first are the people who wear them the fear of flying with the internal factors i.e. fear of getting into a state of panic and fear embarrassing themselves and losing control of their reactions in front of other travelers, so come back often for other types of phobias.

The second group relates to for them the fear of flying by external factors, most notably: an unforeseen event that hit the plane – bad weather…

Self-diagnosis / do you think you suffer from a phobia of flying?

التشخيص الذاتي

In case you think you’re suffering from the phobia of flight, here’s a way to self-diagnosis, through some of the questions (if answered “yes” to most of them there is a high probability that you’re experiencing fear and you need to sign fob aviation and handling).

  • Do you suffer from fear and anxiety before the trip or once you think about it or propose a date with her?
  • Do you show physical symptoms such as: shortness of breath – frequent sweating – stomach problems – dizziness – feeling very cold – increased heart rate… before or during the flight?
  • Avoid flying if possible (trip cancellation / choose a way to save the other) and that you fly, be forced to that the lack of any way to avoid flying through it?
  • When you fly or when you think flying can you imagine the feelings and views of the disaster and the painful and confusing increase the fear and anxiety you have?
  • Do you have a phobia of flight when negative impact on your social relationships or your job?
  • Are you concerned about the direction of the rod did to you when you fly (like: to draw everyone’s attention / to open the door of the plane)?
  • Do you suffer from one or more of: FOB places closed / fob high places / panic disorder anxiety / the post-shock?

Symptoms of phobia of flight


Fob aviation as any other type, another FOB is marked by the symptoms of psychological, physical and behavioural, it seems that a person can be these symptoms is in itself an additional reason for the fear of flying

Note: a person can be comfortable with the direction of flight, but symptoms start to emerge with the approaching date of her or with boarding or with the takeoff.

Symptoms of phobia of aviation oil

Passes the person who suffers from fear of flying to a number of psychological symptoms, including:

  • Feeling anxious and panic when on a plane.
  • Can just think about flying and it can lead to stimulate feelings of fear.
  • Knee-jerk reactions and reflexes when in a plane.
  • Desire to cancel the flight and get off of the plane at any cost.
  • The constant worry and the amounts of problems that you can encounter plane and the pilot.
  • Constant interaction to find different ways to avoid flying.

Symptoms of phobia of flight physical

A person chooses is also a range of physical symptoms which can be experienced by just thinking about the flight and sit in the plane.

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Frequent sweating.
  • The hands of the cold.
  • The decline of intellectual capacity: the ticket – the ability to think in a conscious way.
  • Dizziness and loss of balance, and sometimes loss of consciousness.
  • Nausea and sometimes vomiting.
  • Disorder in the digestive tract.

Symptoms of FOB Aviation Authority of

Show the behavioral symptoms of the person through a panic attack. and even in the rest of the other times, the most important of these behaviors are:

  • Search for other ways to avoid flying.
  • The sea continuously in the ordered state of the weather and the expertise of the pilot and potential accident, other.
  • Can cause fear of flying problems on the social level and my.
  • The constant search for a cure phobia of flight in a fast way.

Study fob the flight by sex and age

دراسة فوبيا الطيران حسب الجنس والعمر

Different probability of exposure per airline from person to person depending on a number of factors but in general everyone can be prone to them, the study conducted by 2019 the incidence of baby by sex and age according to the following:

By sex

  • 66% for females.
  • 34% of males.

By age

  • 45% less than 18 years of age.
  • 44% of people between 18 to 34 years old.
  • 6% for people between 35 to 49 years.
  • 3% for people between 50 to 64 years.
  • 2% of persons older than 64 years.

The reasons behind the fear of flying

الأسباب خلف الخوف من الطيران

There is no specific reason behind the phobia of flight, but there are a number of possible factors the most important being:

  • Genetic factors play a significant role rises the probability of exposure over in case one of your parents suffers from it, not only because of genes but also the heritage and development of the child, he observes the fear of his parents from the plane or warn them of the continuous ones.
  • The media and the wide dissemination of the news of the fall and the planes and watch the video clips and images that have great impact on oil, which leave the horror and fear of aircraft.
  • He says the plane pilot and who although he’s an expert coach but it is unknown by the people on board that could constitute a reason to worry and fear.
  • The presence of phobia phobia other are the cause of the symptoms that afflict the person in respect of the aircraft, such as a fob indoor and the fact that the plane of the most important of those places that can not get out at any time – fob high places – fob death and danger that occurs to the aircraft….
  • Shock such as the need to update certain led to a fear of flying like learn the plane you are on board or if someone you know is on the board of an accident as in landing or otherwise, or the loss of someone close to the incident plane.

Treatment of phobia of flight

علاج فوبيا الطيران 1

Whatever the plane was linked to the for you the treatment of phobia of flight is possible here are the most important ways to ensure that.

1 – the plane of the most secure to and

According to the Journalist Resource die 548 U.S. person in aircraft accidents each year in average between 2000 – 2009, but 85% of them exposed to accidents in private jets and 25% of the known incidents on commercial aircraft for passengers.

In the United States is 0.07 deaths per billion miles from travelers any in other words, in case you help in a day is 500 miles and for a year the likelihood of your exposure to the risk of death is 1 in 85,000 people.

On the other hand, if the probability of exposure to in an accident move on the roads in the United States is 1 of the 6800 while the celebration in the plane crash is 1 in 13 million, the mortality rate among Americans who say the car is 26678 annually, and with all that have the fear linked to on the plane but don’t hesitate to open the door of the car and ride in it.

2 – cognitive behavioral therapy (cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT

Methods of treatment of phobia of modern aviation, and specifically targeted to deal with fear of flying which helps a person to manage his fear in his anxiety and his reactions consciously, through exposure to the type of fear which makes them go on the plane during takeoff or landing.

3 – know the aircraft and safety for the near

On designs of the aircraft and systems safety, including and the way in which you must act in accordance with, in the event of an accident certain all of the things that take your focus from the problem, fear and anxiety to the solution and to ensure peace and security.

4 – individual and group psychotherapy

Undergo psychiatric treatment by an expert either in individual sessions or group therapy is through his recognition to the experiences of others and share their fear, it can be a turning point and something that is very effective works to relieve your concern.

5 – be aware of the reason behind the phobia of aviation

Find out the reason behind this fear is the first two steps treat the phobia of aviation is what happens the way which you must conduct with the aim of treatment, in particular in cases where other types of phobia is the factor responsible when the relationship of those species is the solution.

6 – work on the separation of fear from anxiety

This can be difficult but only in the beginning, but it keeps the relationship fob aviation’s most effective, it is considered that the work on understanding the nature of the difference between fear and anxiety and the exposure to the risk, during traffic to the quality of fear you be on a plane or in the airport and there is no real risk happens to your.

7 – all travel is additional experience for you

It’s like in a relationship fob aviation exposure every time you go by plane it will be easier for you the next time as if you have gained more experience, and also experience flight based on games that simulate reality can be a good option for people who do not travel a lot.

8 – treatment of phobia of flight with medicines

Can benefit anti-anxiety medications in the treatment of phobias but is not the best option at all because they often have side effects, in general it is necessary to take it on and off under the supervision by your doctor.

Whatever you think it’s hard, and whatever you feel fear and anxiety and desire to avoid that trip and whatever nightmares scary will keep air travel safer and will be able to do so depending on the treatment of phobia of flight, there is no need to talk about the journey necessary or to delay it!

Other types of phobia:


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