Treatment of pain of the left shoulder with medicines, herbs and tips are important for fast healing

The elements of the decision

Can cure pain of the left shoulder using the methods of medical or herbal therapy can also use natural ways to help reduce pain and the need.

Where the shoulder of the most common problems that occur due to injury of body joint problems lead to a person’s sense of pain especially when you move your arm or to do the.

Features detailed books in the city and the ability to control more than the direction of the front and rear, but when exposure becomes move difficult.

The following report will give you through the site of the pharmacy the most important causes of pain of the right shoulder and methods of treatment of this problem.

Causes pain right shoulder

Can not determine the cause of the injury the pain of the right shoulder because there are many reasons that lead to the occurrence of this problem, often be the cause an imbalance of the shoulder muscles and tendons surrounding it, but sometimes it is difficult to determine the cause, so physicians have identified a range of reasons that lead to feeling pain in the right shoulder, most notably:

– Injury of the shoulder joint with rheumatoid arthritis.
– Inflammation of the bursa and tendons.
– Injury problems frozen shoulder, a patient feels btep photo muscle pain when you move your arm.
– Injury by creating a shoulder or a broken bone.
– Injury health problems in the lungs such as lung cancer or pulmonary embolism or emphysema and pneumonia.
– Incidence area of esophageal and stomach ulcers.
– The presence of injuries in the neck or spine.
– Incidence of stone in the gallbladder.
– Injury to the liver problems.
– The presence of affected axillary nerve resulting from the shoulder dislocation or the breaking of a bone of the humerus.
– Injuries and rupture of the rotator cuff in this case the patient feels pain and the sound when you move the shoulder joint.
– Infection of the membrane of the synovial lining of the shoulder joint, which results from known shoulder injury or due to rheumatoid disease.
– Infection of the patient with heart disease such as heart attacks, angina pectoris, accompanied by shoulder pain a feeling of tightness in breathing and pain in the arms, back and neck.
– The presence of inflammation in the pancreas can cause pain right shoulder and bring him in this case pain in the abdomen and the value and nausea.
– Can be infected person pain the right shoulder after laparoscopic surgery, because it causes freezing of the carbon dioxide in the stomach leads to irritation of spinal nerves resulting in the sensation of pain of the right shoulder.

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Treating shoulder pain at home in different ways and effective

الم الكتف الأيمنPain right shoulder

Ways to treat pain the right shoulder.

Is treatment of pain of the left shoulder after determining the cause of the problem accurately and conduct a thorough medical examination of the patient, where the method of treatment according to the reasons that led to the problem, and follow the following steps for the treatment of pain:

– Get hours of comfort and relaxation and reduce the effort that the person is doing.
– Massage the shoulder joint to help loosen the muscles and provide comfort to him.
– The use of creams, ointments, gels and topical medication that helps to soothe the pain and relax the muscles.
– The use of pain medications and anti-inflammatory special vehicles paracetamol and ibuprofen.
– Relationship of the reasons for this problem such as the problem of the heart and lungs.
– Treat problems of the stomach and digestive tract which are a normal of the causes of pain the right shoulder.
– Treatment by heating or cooling, so you can use cool compresses on the place of pain especially after injury, followed by compresses warm using a bag filled with warm water which provides relief from pain and muscle relaxation.
– Exercise and the committee for physiotherapy to help the shoulder joint to return to normal and treatment of pain.
– The use of cortisone injections in doses prescribed by the doctor helps in curing the pain and get rid of the inflammation of the shoulder joint.

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Treatment of pain of the left shoulder using herbs

Used herbs for the treatment of pain of the right shoulder and get rid of a muscle spasm, where it has proven the alternative to its ability to reduce this problem, here are some of the types of herbs used in the treatment of this problem:

1. use turmeric:

– Contains turmeric on analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs help to relax muscle and reduce pain and remove stress.
– Can make a paste consisting of ground turmeric with a little coconut oil and put it on the place of pain with a light massage, then rinse the place with warm water and have it twice daily.
– Can drink turmeric with milk and honey bees to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, as can taking the tablets turmeric existing pharmacies after consulting a doctor.

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2. the treatment of the shoulder using apple cider vinegar

– Can use apple cider vinegar as a topical on the place of pain, because it is a natural alkaline reduce inflammation and pain.
– Can work compresses with warm water genitive apple cider vinegar for the treatment of pain.
– Can the intake of water with apple cider vinegar daily until the pain and inflammation of the shoulder joint.

3 – treatment of pain with lavender oil

– You can use lavender oil as a topical on the place of pain, because it works to treat inflammation and tired muscles.
– Can massage the place of the injury further component of lavender oil with olive oil 3 times daily until feel better.

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علاج الم الكتف بزيت اللافندرTreatment pain shoulder lavender oil

Can treat the shoulder the days after the discovery of the cause of the pain and then follow some of the medical methods, drugs, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs after consulting a doctor, and you can also rely on herbs and essential oils that gives the patient comfort and reduce pain.

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