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We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information about neck pain, body neck think of health problems a lot of people, and different reasons, it can cling to the muscles of the neck because of the asanas wrong, whether it was because of the areas on your back through the sit on the place or the injury osteoarthritis as it causes pain in the neck, It is rare that denotes pain in the neck on one of the dangerous sicknesses that respond to the special medical care may be due to weakness of the hand or arm it is possible to end the pain in the neck because of the pain in the shoulder area, which reach up to the arm, and through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore how to treat neck pain and what are symptoms and signs that show that the pain caused by the neck, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

عندما تكون الرقبة مثبتة على وضعية معينة لفترة طويلة يشعر الشخص بآلام في الرقبةWhen the neck is installed a certain posture for a long time a person feels pain in the neck

Symptoms that indicate neck pain

There is a group of symptoms that are indicative of pain in the neck area, these widths are as follows :

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1 – mostly intensify the pain when you install the head for a long time in one place, such as while driving or by sitting in front of computer for a long time.
2 – injury severity or muscle spasms.
3 – difficulty in moving the head.
4 – the feeling of a headache.

In most cases the effects of the pain in the neck treatment parent homeschool after a few days, but if you listen to these symptoms for a while without hiding the pain, then you should head to the doctor especially if the pain in the neck after a car accident or collision to the head.

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اسباب الشعور بآلام في الرقبةWeek pain in the neck

The reasons that lead to pain in the neck

There are a range of reasons that may lead to injury and pain in the neck area, and that the students are as follows :

1. the straining muscle that is in the use of muscle excessively, such as bending in front of a smartphone or computer for a long time plus reading on the bed or teeth grinding, all of that leads to pain in the neck.
2 – rupture of the joints where they with age may rupture the joints of the neck where the lead secession majority to the injury of the cartilage is damaged which exist between the vertebrae this leads to the feeling of pain every time he moves a joint.
3 – nerve compression as can protrusions of bone found in the vertebrae of the neck that you press on the nerves that are outside of the spinal cord and thus the person feels pain the neck.
4 – injuries is different, for example car crashes where it is when moving neck to the back and then suddenly move forward lead to the injury of the soft tissue in the neck fatigue.
5 – there is a group of diseases that may cause neck pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, or meningitis in addition to cancer.

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نصائح للوقاية من آلام الرقبةTips to prevent neck pain

Prevention of neck pain

There are a range of tips that are preferably followed in order to avoid feeling the pain in the neck, and these tips are as follows :

1 – Use a good position of the head in particular when you sit down and you stand where you should make sure that your shoulders on a straight line with the thighs and your ears above your shoulders directly.
2. Non – continuation of hard mode for a long time but you have to take a rest every period.
3 – Be careful to make the computer at eye level during the work and must be knee a bit low about the hips, preferably the use of an assistant for the arm.
4 – you should stay away from put the phone between shoulder and ear during the challenge.
5 – quit smoking.
6 – careful not to carry heavy bags to be strapped over your shoulder that’s where the extra weight would cause straining of the neck.
7. choose a comfortable position to sleep.

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We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmacy information about neck pain and how to prevent them, we find that following the guidance healthy simple sings on all the evidence of this is conclusive proof that the saying prevention is better than cure is true, it is therefore very important to follow healthy habits that protect us from health problems growing which week its diverse and different ………… We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics associated with health problems and how they can be treated and prevented through the website of the pharmacy.

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