Treatment of lack of focus 13 the treatment will ensure you amazing results with the 8 reasons you have to deal with it

I’m trying to concentrate but I soon realized another thing – I find it difficult to focus when you study or work – continue thinking about the transition from idea to idea – I can’t finish what I’m doing, my focus is shaped… and many other things so if you have tested any of them you must be looking for the treatment of lack of focus

The reason could be is the thing that you do and focus on it, it does not meet your interest and horror you and motivates you to focus, in turn can be the cause is more important and relates to you, so let’s work on two things: the first is to identify that cause and deal with it the second work on the treatment of lack of focus in the most effective way.

Treatment of lack of focus

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Whatever attention you have to focus now on the things the following 16 that can guarantee you a sign of lack of focus

13 – watching your movie.

Imagine you’re watching a movie and you have a recipe for someone else, of course you will need to focus more and be more accurate, but here for the relationship not the focus of this film will be your life you will describe yourself, including its events, details so must be clear, precise and detailed, whatever the events are simple or ordinary.

12 – follow movies other

Not only focus on what you are doing will increase your concentration and even feelings of others but not in the usual way, how?

What I mean is, if I asked you right now what that was committed by your colleague in the last time you saw him will not be able to answer and I’m not alone it’s the fast life that we live but you need to work on training your focus on others, their clothes, their voice the color of their eyes and their…

11 – I think the situation is slow

Fast life full of things that must be done and end on the wheel that it allows for a lot of things to scatter the Vanishing of our attention and we lose our focus, so between now and then turning on slow mode and things quietly.

10 – close your eyes, and pay attention to what’s around you.

Our eyes are the most important source of displacement and the transition of our focus from one thing to the next, this exercise will take a break from the received visual information and relying on sound, smell and texture.

So for a few minutes just close your eyes and focused on what is going on around you try to discover the events and describe the facts and sound temperature smell and other data received from the outside world.

9. focus on the types of fruit you eat

When dealing with everything, not just fruit is focused on its taste and aroma and strength or you eat it swallow it and that’s it? Often you’re doing it second and I’m not alone in this.

But since now I don’t deal with eating once you eat, but try to focus on the taste different flavors and textures and smells…

8 – Well of your relationship with food

Not only focus on food but also your relationship with food, how would you describe it? Do you rely on fast foods low-fat and rich in sugars for? Do you eat what your body needs to?

Be sure to provide the body what it needs from the protein – fiber – vitamins – minerals – healthy fats in a nutshell. make it balanced and get enough amount of money.

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7 – trace the steps

On ceramic tiles, this exercise is not possible, but in the Garden, on the sand or snow you can do.

All you have to do is follow the footprints and try to build information on the basis of which information about the owner of the effects, size, destination and how long they stayed effects on the ground as if you were playing the role of Detective.

6. look out your window to everything.

And alien for from the window? Will not look to the window as a whole day, because today you will not care about the names of things, but will focus on the details of the color material made of the components and the amount of later when you, start with things near your window and go to the farthest farthest then farthest.

5. the narrative of the story I heard (exercise group)

This exercise is done through a group of people Tells All of them of stealing the story after the end of the sentence each person to retell someone else’s story in all its details as they are listed in the first time and are relying on the words themselves.

4. what you feel right now.

Can you tell me how do you feel now? Unfortunately, we don’t focus on our problems and that’s what loses us the car we don’t know exactly how you feel but here is another exercise for the treatment of lack of focus at the same time will help you in understanding your feelings is to tell yourself every now and then exactly and honestly how you feel.

3 – notebook for the things that you’re grateful for.

Treatment of lack of focus as possible and you have more than two-thirds of the ways to do this but are you sure you want to treat the lack of focus in order to focus on something negative? Unfortunately, we’re used to it, but here’s the next exercise that will push you to focus on the positives.

Need a notebook and pen special all day before going to sleep write down 5 things you are grateful for, and prepared to read it in the morning.

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2 – arrange the space in which they operate

Work mess and a table full of papers and things and maybe that’s why all this distortion so you should work on organizing your office and your work at the end of each day so start your day the following arrange and encourage and promote high.

1 – listen to your favorite music concentration

With a cup of coffee – on your way to work – during work – during breaks – on the way back… listen to the music but it focus, but that you have to train your brain to focus and sift through the music tones, musical instruments, layered vocal and other details.

The reasons for lack of focus


Note: the arrangement of causes before the treatment but you are now through your exposure to the causes will be more able to focus when you apply some of the previous treatments.

There are 8 reasons can stand behind the condition include attention to these, treatment can not focus, primarily through the deal with and get rid of them.

8 – power loss

Of course, without energy and without a lot of them won’t be able to focus, the attention to the power supply you have and maintain a high level of extremely important completely such as keeping the gas tank of your car full.

But unfortunately most people either ignore the importance of access to energy or say regardless of what they suck on things other than the task given them to power have no limits and are not inexhaustible in the investment of your energy quietly and wisely on the things that you already in addition to get more sources of Health: proper nutrition – sports – sleep and rest – meditation…

7 – hyperactivity disorder and lack of focus

Attention deficit meds, OK? disorder (ADHD) disorder hyperactivity, lack of concentration, a neurological disorder that is complex affects a person’s behavior and shows in childhood, so that the child is not able to inhibit the response to including the motion and talk as the focus, thus the lack of attention of the most important symptoms, and (for children’s shows are hyper movement by larger, but in adults manifests itself move the focus).

Treatment depends on dealing with the symptoms and the development of a person’s ability to control and manage the response has in addition to the medications that are obtained brighter medical.

6 – depression – mental state

Depression an important role in the inability to focus, he could face the person who suffers from depression are the following:

  • Lack of concentration when assigned to a particular task at work, school or home.
  • You might think the people around him. he’s irresponsible and untrustworthy but it’s all because of depression.
  • Depression makes a person quick consultation he can’t focus on a specific task of the existence speak to the other.
  • Depression works to make the focus on the things written is difficult and this in turn leads to the loss of a lot of information and written instructions in addition to the displacement and loss of pleasure when reading.
  • The lack of focus on the road makes driving difficult for the person suffering from depression.
  • Forgetful of things due to displacement and inability to concentrate.

5 – addiction

Addiction to shopping – internet addiction and social media – addiction-cleaning and development and the amounts and types of addiction can be a essential cause in the Buy attention.

Because of this addiction works on the control of and filled the biggest part of your brain and your thinking then the small space interesting with everything else and thus suffer from loss and the inability to finish tasks that must be accomplished and a lot of things.

4 – loss of interest and

Is done the different needs of concentration and effort, but in the case of this task was to cause you inconvenience and discomfort or in the event you hate to do or if it was routine so that file you will find more difficulty in concentration will suffer from displacement and a distraction to you about this thing very quickly by having something else to care about.

So we have to work on something like it already and its fun but it could be this distinction not enjoyed by many people in this situation look for a goal or an incentive even if it is simple so you can finish the tasks that you hate, or you can follow different way to complete the work boring.

3 – insomnia and sleep disorders

During sleep is hormone regulation of the body – is to get what you need from the comfort and tranquillity – organize your thoughts and your memories and other things dear and important that you lose it once you neglect to get enough sleep.

So make sure you get a sufficient number of hours sleep and to make her hours as comfortable as possible.

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2 – the style of life the birds

Stress and physical stress can lead to paying a high from the adrenaline of what works to ensure focus and think clearly and quickly, but it will be quick and hold, it will become difficult to focus and continue to work in the environment of the motor vehicle.

1. some diseases and medicines

You can have some of the diseases symptoms represented in the oblivion and loss of focus, such as: thyroid disorders – anemia – malnutrition – Alzheimer’s disease, in turn can have some medication side effects that affect intellectual function, so it is imperative to get medical examinations regularly discuss is drugs and side with your doctor.

Don’t worry you’re not alone suffer with a lack of focus, but for you there is a solution between your hands now.


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