Treatment of fluid retention in the body. 9 the signs can not handle

Fluid retention the case of the storage amount of the additional non-essential water appears in swelling and swelling under the skin in different areas, can be caused by unhealthy habits or diseases and more serious health and can be the effects of drugs, but what about the treatment of fluid retention in the body?

In the following you will learn about the proximity to the details of this case and the reasons which can be responsible in addition to all of the symptoms and treatment of fluid retention in the body

Fluid retention in the body

احتباس السوائل في الجسم

Fluid retention in the body is a situation of accumulate and gather the additional amounts of money (in excess of the body’s need) in different regions, this in turn leads to swelling and swelling of that area and the amount of fluid accumulated and the growing and increasing within a few days or weeks, usually the amount of money excess of these clustered between two layers of membranes.

Can be a normal condition (for pregnant women and in periods of life) but what makes it fluid retention is a real problem is that the symptoms that suggest more serious diseases and it can be life-threatening.

Symptoms of fluid retention in the body

  • Weight quick and unjustified.
  • Difficulty in breathing in case it was fluid gathering in the abdominal area and pressure on the diaphragm.
  • Bloating and feeling of fullness.
  • Pain in the swollen area.
  • The feeling of discomfort.
  • Loss of appetite and the feeling of rapid satiety.
  • Face difficulty during the war and the virus.
  • Note that shoes and clothes have become tight.
  • Joint pain and loss of their elasticity.
  • Turning skin color to pale.
  • Loss of skin elasticity of them.
  • Low amount of urine significantly.
  • In cases of inflammation accompanied with fever.

Necessary to obtain medical consultation as soon as you notice the presence of bulge and swelling in a certain area of the body for no apparent reason is not.

Causes of fluid retention in the body

أسباب احتباس السوائل في الجسم

Because fluid accumulation in the body depends of the symptoms that indicate presence of a health problem and may be more serious so be Discover the reason and deal with him is the most important as soon as you note the intifada, this would increase the chance of rapid healing along with being the most important and best steps to treat fluid retention in the body and these reasons are:

1 – diseases of the liver

Liver disease is: alcoholic hepatitis – hepatitis B and C – diseases of the liver fat – an allergic reaction (because of the drugs or overdose or because of drug) – liver failure due to blockage of the veins.

Because of which the liver can no longer produce the required amount of proteins, which act to balance the pressure of the circulation (i.e., that the fluid will go out of circulation and the community).

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2 – diseases of the pancreas

Diseases of the pancreas lead to the accumulation of fluid as a response to inflammation (in advanced stages) – malabsorption, nutrition, lack of proteins, what leads to imbalance in the pressure of the circulation – as a result of pancreatic leakage occurs directly for liquids.

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3 – diseases of the ovary

Either because of ovarian tumor benign or malignant tumor, this tumor presses on the peritoneum (the membrane envelope to the members and update the collected fluid as a result of no, the ovarian tumors are difficult to detect and is considered the fluid of the first and most important symptoms that indicate there lies the importance of attention to the building.

4 – heart failure

Heart failure which it is unable to pump the fluids naturally in the blood vessels and accumulation of fluid of the most important results of that.

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5 – failure of the kidneys

Don’t be macro-able to perform work, then the leak to the amount of protein into the urine this in turn leads to a deficiency in the essential proteins, which works to conserve the fluid balance within the circulatory system leading to its exit and its.

6 – hypothyroidism

Thyroid of the most important reasons and shows fluid accumulation in the body in advanced cases of deficiencies, but as soon as the body returns to normal and processing trade, the treatment of the glands.

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7 – a disorder of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system line defense of the body and so taking fluids from organs and tissues and then return them by blood, but disordered and deserved, lead to make him unable to take the required quantity of fluids and thus remain in the tissue and acquisition.

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8 – inflammation of the membranes that surround organs

In the case of the presence of inflammation or a state of irritation in the membranes that surround the organs of the body, it leads directly to fluid leakage and accumulation.

9 – cancer – ascites malignant

Depends fluid retention and its symptoms of cancer: lung cancer – colon cancer – bowel cancer – stomach cancer – liver cancer – pancreatic cancer – cancer of the lymphatic system – cancer of the thyroid – ovarian cancer – uterine cancer – breast cancer.

10 – pregnancy

Occurs as a result of: the presence of disorders in the liver or reduction of proteins responsible for the availability of fluid pressure or due to disorder in the concentration of creatine blood, but the accumulation of fluid that doesn’t cause any effects of the poisoning on the mother and the fetus.

11 – syndrome of pre-session monthly

Occurs as a result of leakage of fluid from the fallopian tubes, leads to increasing severity of the other symptoms of pain and spasms, and can cause bleeding average.

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12 – side effects of medicines

Have some are many of the side effects and fluid retention one of the most important of these medications: medicines for blood pressure – medicines, anti – chemical treatments – anti-inflammatories.

In the case of accompany the utilization with the intake of a particular drug will be necessary to discuss him with the doctor.

13 – drought and lack of water

In the case of dehydration the body will seek to retain as much as possible of the fluid and shows that the swelling and treatment of fluid retention in the body when you drink a sufficient amount of money.

14. intake a lot of salt

Eating too much salt means to provide the body the quantity of addition of sodium and therefore needs more money to maintain the balance of salts so I resorted to keeping as much as possible of the fluid.

Treatment of fluid retention in the body

علاج احتباس السوائل في الجسم

To identify the reason and deal with it you can treat the fluid retention in the body through the natural remedies of the following:

1. eat foods rich in potassium

The primary goal is to reduce the amount of sodium and a balance of salts without the need to store a large amount of money, and that’s exactly what he’s working on potassium it works on balancing the amount of sodium, and rids the body of excess water by way of diuresis.

Of the most important foods that are rich in potassium: orange – banana – watermelon – apricot – pomegranate – papaya – mango – raspberry.

2 – get sufficient amount of vitamin B6

If vitamin B6 is considered the most important vitamins that work to diuresis naturally and thus reduce the content of the body of water, especially for women in their menstrual periods, so it is important to eat foods rich by the most important of them: banana – nut – potato – hummus – heaven – avocados, for vitamin supplements B6 should not be taken except by prescription.

3 – drink more herbal tea

Tea – green tea – mint tea – El cilantro – tea with cinnamon… and other species think of the best things to reduce the amount of water in the body in addition to reducing storage, along with ridding the body of toxins and keep the balance in the body content of potassium and sodium.

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4 – drink sufficient amount of water

When you do not drink the amount needed by the body of water it helps to store the maximum amount of water to face the drought this explains the fluid retention and bloating, so the best way to guarantee the treatment of fluid retention in the body is to provide the body of approximately 2 liters per day of water provided to be distributed throughout the day, because to drink the amount directly in one payment can have a significant impact and dangerous.

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5 – add more natural diuretics to your diet

Works diuretics stimulate the kidneys to produce urine what helps the body get rid of toxins and the quantity of excess sodium and restore balance to the levels of potassium, and always prefer to rely on natural ingredients without drugs, the most important are: herbal tea – asparagus – beets – pumpkin – bean – beans – garlic – spinach.

6 – make yogurt (curd) is an essential part of your food.

Need the curd to a high level of proteins (which works on keeping the balance of the pressure of the fluid in the blood vessels) in addition to potassium, which is equivalent to the level of sodium and water, and all that leads to protect the body from acquisition and accumulation and accumulation of fluid in it.

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7 – eat more dietary fiber

Think dietary fiber of the best foods that rid the body of excess amounts of water but how? If these fibers are working to absorb a large amount of water by passage through the small bowel. on the other hand thinks its size is relatively large what stimulates bowel movement and helps in ridding the body of waste and toxins.

8 – I used to eat citrus

Think citrus fruits treatment of fluid retention around because it works to get rid of tension, in addition to their high content of vitamins and minerals, most importantly potassium, so in general you should eat regularly but watch out for over-eat it to avoid exposure to the allergen, is preferably eat fruit before sleep about 4 hours at least, so be sure to eat: vegetables – fruit – whole grains – oatmeal…

9 – be sure to give your body what it needs of magnesium

How can that be the foods that contain magnesium within the treatment of fluid retention in the body? Because magnesium works to raise the efficiency of the urinary system and prevent the formation of gravel which ensures the process of excretion of intact and rid the body of excess fluid and toxins.

As for the foods rich add: cocoa – buckwheat – almonds – cashews – rice – spinach – oatmeal – avocado.

Fluid retention in the body is already the case of products arising out of many causes but you need to immediately note any bulging in a certain area or several areas of your body to experience medical examinations to detect the cause and then talk and work on treating them.


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