Treatment of depression without medication, and 11 What kind of herbs try two

A lot of us left knowing that the depression chronic mental illness and in need of the treatment or left the risk on the life of the patient, but a lot of who tried the signs of depression Pippen for a while due to medication side effects, UDA sale with their serious setbacks, because the whole world smile goes on Voyd herbs for the treatment of all diseases, the smile doctors and clients spins on herbs can affect mental state and mood of patients, friendly and some of the research on the treatment of depression without medication.

The whole world turn to herbs to reduce the risk of severe side effects night to decide the result continue to chemical treatments, especially after the discovery of the plant material and not the nice effects on the neural connections and possible improvement of depression symptoms, here it is smile thinking in the treatment of depression herbal .

The most important of the 11 alternative treatment for depression without medication

Thyme: the enzyme cytochrome tonight Paisley the effect of antidepressants

Scientists proved that the extract of thyme has anti-inflammatory effect, and can normal, and improve symptoms of diabetes, heart, inflammation of the stomach, and the properties of the protective the of. The violin in which the enzyme cytochrome tonight Paisley the effect of antidepressants and Beijing-uptake of dopamine is responsible for improved mood, and here they thought to add it as one of the ways to treat depression without medication.

Curcumin: turmeric = mood enhancer

Curcumin is the main component of the cream, and time-Bissau used in folk medicine as an enhancer of the auction; because don’t Fayed, anti-depressants, and Peter addresses the damage caused by chemical changes in the brain, and Peter rules in the treatment of the perception of stress is chronic, it will be one of the most important kit cure depression herbal .

Acid feel you: anti-inflammatory, oncology and inflammation of the nerves

It is a chemical plant antioxidant, and found in food that is sufficient, notably of course the coffee, and proven that has anti-inflammatory effect, tumors, and inflammation of the nerves, and eating regularly as possible to dilute the power of the nerve as a result of stress.

Tea: and theanine

Is an amino acid component of green tea, and the benefits of improving focus and the ability to achievement, masculine car, Walkman antitumor, and Jesus, vascular disease, and blood pressure, and obesity, and Peter of the immune system, increases the protection of the nerve, the violin sale the treatment of anxiety, expected, and beneficial effects in the treatment of symptoms of depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, because of all the benefits of DE While Bihar doctors it’s of the most important ways to treat depression without medication.

Material proanthocyanidins: in apples, cocoa, grapes, and

Friendly found in plants a lot of apples, cocoa, grapes, and tea. Has an antioxidant effect, anti-pain, and a nice effect as an enhancer of mood, and is a contributing factor material mesh is essential in the treatment of depression herbal .

Material quercetin: for hormone receptors estrogen

Present in a lot of fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, such as sorrel, dill, prunes, kale, cranberries, apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, broccoli, and most important Voyd said that while the receptors of the hormone estrogen, and can be behaviors like depression, means that an aid in the treatment of depression herbal .

Substance resveratrol: the red wine grape

Resveratrol is a type of natural phenolic found in grapes and red wine. And the effects of the strong anti-inflammatory and nervousness, and can prevent behaviors like depression resulting from the stress, means a violin mesh is essential in the treatment of depression herbal .

Saffron contains serotonin

In two experiments their work, neuroscientists, appeared on the patients improved the symptoms of depression, because saffron likes to have hormone-serotonin and anti-oxidants and infections, and night to retire the whole on the treatment of depression .

 St. John’s wort or pot heart

It is the most famous herb used to treat depression at its different stages, whether light, or moderate depression, or severe, because of the composite (here) tonight, sale of the antidepressant, and the violin as possible the treatment of children with this plant of panic during sleep, nightmares, creepy, with adverse effects lower than any relationship tinges of depression .

Lavender: antibacterial and antifungal and soothing

Is a flowering plant should be in the Mediterranean countries, it is Voyd lavender oil, it’s antibacterial, fungi, and fiddle sedative, anti-depressant, and deodorant to.

Fruits of the Nile:the

From the time the very use of the Nile world and the natural in Asian countries because of its benefits to psychological patients of depression tonight because its one of the most important ways cure depression herbal.

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