Treatment of dark circles under the eyes medical and effective tips to prevent

The elements of the decision

Can be treated dark circles under the eyes medicine away from natural recipes that are usually time-consuming and a la carte on the desired result, to you more about ways to treat dark circles under the eyes medical.

Think dark circles under the eyes from the things that plague a lot of women and men alike, the reason for dark circles different between the life-style or suffering from illness or hereditary reasons, you information about the treatment of dark circles under the eyes medical.

Ways to treat dark circles

To treat dark circles under the eyes medically, you must be it under the supervision of a physician, nor is placed or select the right treatment without conducting a number of medical tests necessary to find out the cause of dark circles in the original.


Of the usual ways rid of dark circles but the report is only fit for those who suffer from the aura of the black light too.


And that is the injection of the patient vary widely, but the type of material considered in the original on the type of the anomalies and the reason behind it, as can the injection through:

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Oxygen, or injection of carbon dioxide, Allen acid, where the injection of these substances at the place of the aura, and then fills the eyelids and The Shape of the bottom of the eye.

Collagen injections

  • Of the most famous signs of dark circles, because collagen in the original is a protein secreted by the human body, working on the growth of bone, cartilage, and works to give the skin freshness, but with age less skin secretion of collagen, and thus determine different skin problems.
  • Or types of collagen itself differs by fabricating the source, where the collagen, which originates from the human itself, which is better, there is a human collagen and is used from a deceased person, and the collagen extracted from animals, which is most prevalent at the moment as it’s less in material cost, of course.

Massages or facial massage

It is preferred in general to stimulate blood circulation in the face.

Know the ways to cure dark circles naturally

Hair removal

Of ways that may be bothering the doctor, where he says to remove the light hair that appears in the upper area of the cheeks near the lower eyelids and thus may cause a bold color or dark to the eye.

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علاج الهالات السوداء تحت العين طبياTreatment of dark circles under eyes medical

Laser operations

It’s the work of absolutely the best in cosmetic surgery both get rid of the excess hair or less of dark circles or get rid of dark spots anywhere on the body, where it is the fragmentation of the particles causing this problem, whether it’s accumulation or increase of fat, it should be noted that the laser comes enter quick and very satisfying but it is high cost.

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Times vitamins

Even though, times vitamins to fix everyone because it may cause allergy to some individuals and must be prescribed by a physician and unit after conducting tests that confirm the lack of sensitivity of the skin of some lotions.

Modern devices

Where there is some modern equipment that rely on technology which works to stimulate nerves, activate the muscles of the face.

Therapeutic ointments, and in general working these kinds of ointments to stimulate a flow of blood in the capillaries; thereby increasing the freshness and vitality in this region.

It is worth mentioning that the therapeutic ointments are best for those who suffer from infections in the sinus, because due to the hypertrophy of the cartilage in the nose or enlarged sinuses, the sinuses Press on the capillaries, and back in the flow of blood.

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General tips for dark circles

  • Get rid of anxiety and stress, because it will affect public health and the health of the skin and hair.
  • Good nutrition that includes everything you may need in the body of vitamins and different salts for their mineral and etc etc, because the lack of some types of vitamins cause the areola black .
  • Deep sleep and will continue to, because interrupted sleep causes various problems to human health and affects the digestive system and skin and hair and taking into account that evening the long hours of the causes of dark circles.
  • Allergies sometimes cause dark circles, here is the solution to treat allergies by moving away from all that may raise sensitive policy of exposure or areas of access or foods that cause allergies such as strawberries.

We have provided you the different ways about the treatment of dark circles under the eyes medically, between the report, or laser, but in the end you must consult your physician.

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